Put Your Best Foot Forward and Check Out the RESI Survival Guide

2 Mar

By Antoinette Lowre, Manager of Business Development, LSN

Partnering conferences are an important part of an early-stage company’s journey to raising capital and achieving your fundraising goals. Life Science Nation (LSN) hosts the RESI conference series to provide partnering opportunities with investors and strategic partners. Additionally, LSN provides support to Founders and CEOs to get prepared for meetings by putting their best foot forward and prepping them with the tools necessary to get there. A key tool for making the most of our next conference, Digital RESI, March 14-16 is the RESI Survival Guide.

The RESI Survival Guide covers the 5 major steps to finding success at RESI:

  1. Build a Comprehensive Partnering Profile
  2. Develop your Executive Summary
  3. Refine your Pitch Deck
  4. Craft your Meeting Request Message
  5. Outline a Follow-up Strategy

Read detailed explanations of each step along with examples of executive summaries and meeting requests in the RESI Survival Guide.

Partnering for Digital RESI March is live, and the first round of smart partnering will take place tomorrow, March 3. Make sure to set your schedules up and make time slots available and accept and send meeting requests to secure some meetings on your calendar.

If you did not get a chance to attend one of the Partnering Tutorials, you can review a recording here. The Partnering Tutorial is a terrific way to figure out how to navigate our new partnering system and some tips and tricks on outreach strategy to secure good investor and strategic partner meetings.

If you have any questions about getting into shape for Digital RESI March, or wish to have a consultation on your marketing materials reach out to RESI@lifesciencenation.com and the correct Business Development representative will schedule some time with you to review. Happy Partnering!


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