Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Firm Supports Life Science Technologies Through Funding and Company Formation, Focusing on North America-Based Companies

13 Apr

A venture capital investment firm has a unique model that takes early-stage pre-company technologies and supports them in company formation. The firm invests in early stage pre-proof-of-concept companies that may have a longer development timeline. The firm provides investment and – dependent on the company – advisory roles to support the company to its next step in development. The firm typically invests around $250,000 per company, and currently manages a low to mid-million dollar fund, though has access to a greater market flow. The firm currently holds a portfolio of 11-12 deals, and is seeking to add 6-7 deals in their pipeline. The firm leads investments for small early stage companies, and co-invests into deals that are greater than $500K. Even while making seed investments, the firm has the ability to syndicate deals and provide value with an advisory role. The firm focuses on companies based in North America (USA & Canada), and has previously made investments in Texas, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Canada, among others.

The firm currently has 4 clusters of companies, each separated by the following categories: pet health; hospital channeled products (hospital supply); rehabilitation and mobility; and hospital acquired infection sterilization. While the firm is constantly finding technology in these four clusters, The firm is open to look at all life science technologies outside of these clusters, including biotech therapeutics (especially biologics and regenerative medicine), medical devices, and diagnostics. For medical devices, the firm looks mainly at 510K consumer products (included plastic surgery), and would only invest in PMA devices under the right circumstances as a minor player/syndicate. The firm typically invests in products in the pre-clinical, in-development stage when the product is still an idea.

The firm prefers an experienced team in the space, and will help handpick the management team around the deal. The firm typically takes a board seat after an investment, especially as the first ones in for seed stage companies. The firm will likely invest in products with no IP or prototype, and will put the firm’s network of engineers to support the product and work with the IP.

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