Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Arm of Non-Profit Organization Focuses on Life Science Technologies Targeting Blood Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and More

20 Apr

A venture arm of a non-profit organization with offices in the US closed an initial fund of $50M USD dedicated to early-stage life science ventures from Series A to C. The initial size of investment ranges from $250k-2M and the firm aims to invest in 10 companies in the upcoming year. The firm prefers to invest in US-based companies but is open to global opportunities.

The firm is niched on four key areas of focus: benign hematology, transfusion medicine, cell therapy, and infectious diseases. The firm will consider therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices. The firm will consider therapeutics of all modalities from Pre-Clinical to Phase II. Within diagnostics, the firm is opportunistic and looks at technologies in clinical phases or on the market (must include proof of concept). Within medical devices, the firm is open to all technologies, but is more interested in cell therapy-enabling technologies in clinical phases or on the market (must include proof of concept). Focused on the need for blood-related and cellular technologies, the firm is interested in making not only a financial, but humanitarian investments that also tie back to the parent company.

The firm highly values working with a management team that is 100% committed to the project. The firm prefers that the team has an even distribution of members with scientific and commercial expertise. The firm is a strategic co-investor and seeks to work with the respective knowledge experts on the team.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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