Life Science Nation at Biofest Invest

27 Apr

By Antoinette Lowre, Manager of Business Development, LSN

Last June, Life Science Nation (LSN) met with Heather Hanson, President of BioMedSA at a conference and our discussion uncovered many commonalities between LSN and BioMedSA and a good fit for a future partnership. Fast forward to a year later and we successfully executed these ideas.

LSN’s CEO, Dennis Ford, and Business Development Manager, Antoinette Lowre, met with BioMedSA startup members to deliver a 1-day education course covering topics to help CEOs dig deep to find their story and then articulate it in a compelling fashion, along with creating a catchy tagline. LSN enjoyed working with this group of entrepreneurs, serial and new, in such a collaborative space and learning more about the innovative technology coming out of San Antonio.

BioMedSA hosted BioFest Invest the following week, that Life Science Nation attended as a sponsor. The program agenda featured topics such as raising capital during uncertain times, collaborating with the military, and attracting investors with your management team. The energy at the event was contagious and we got the opportunity to network with local life sciences organizations focused on early-stage startups just like LSN.

Another component of BioFest Invest was the company pitches. 14 early-stage CEOs got to pitch their product or technology, 5 of which LSN got to work with one-on-one the week before in the 1-day education course. We heard Carole Spangler Vaughn, CEO of Eisana tell her personal story and battle with cancer and how her product came to be – a cooling device to help aid post-chemo numbing in the fingers and toes. And Sajol Choshal, CEO of Advanced Telesensors shared his mother’s struggle with wearing a heart monitor and how he created a contactless scanner to monitor cardiac activity. When Sajol first told us about his product at the 1-day course we were obviously intrigued by the fact that it did not need to be attached or worn, but it was when he told us his mother’s story, the catalyst to his innovation, that he was able add context to his product and his passion through his personal story.

Overall, LSN was pleased to be a part of BioFest Invest and looks forward to future partnership with BioMedSA.

If you have any questions about hosting an LSN education course please contact Karen Deyo


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