Life Science Nation New Product Announcement

18 May

Global Partnering Campaign (GPC), Fundraising & Licensing Partner Roadshow Management.”

GPC-logoFundraising & Licensing Partner Roadshow Management

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the RESI Conference Series

 Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

LSN will debut a leading-edge platform called the “Global Partnering Campaign (GPC), Fundraising & Licensing Partner Roadshow Management.” The GPC integrates LSN’s Investor and Licensing Partner Database and the Salesforce CRM. Subscribing companies receive a vetted Global Target List (GTL) of likely capital investors and licensing partners garnered through one-on-one interviews with the LSN research team, which can be organized into three tiers of Investor Priority:

  • Tier 1: Partner is matched on a specific mandate.
  • Tier 2: Partner is matched on an opportunistic mandate seeking compelling technology assets.
  • Tier 3: Partner is matched as a potential fit based on past or recent actions. This is where the numbers game comes into play.

Information on these profiles is automatically updated daily, and user outreach and tasks can be tracked intuitively with CRM components, including the following:

  • Status of Outreach (Lead, Reviewing Materials, Call/Meeting Scheduled, etc.)
  • Materials Sent (Executive Summary, Pitch Deck, etc.)
  • Notes (NDA status, DD, and data room)
  • Reporting (investor/licensing pipeline)

LSN customized this platform, leveraging years of experience as a broker/dealer helping early-stage life sciences companies attract capital. Fundraising is a numbers game, and as companies transition from the regional to the global arena, difficulty juggling outreach with many different companies and contacts worldwide is inevitable. Managing your fundraising campaign adroitly is essential, and with the GPC platform, LSN makes it simple. The GPC product is a game changer for early-stage startups seeking between $100K and $50M (Seed-Series B).

Sign up for RESI Boston June 5th here, Request a demo of the new GPC product here.



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