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Diagnostic Investors Explore Their Strategies at RESI Boston

31 Aug

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Personalized medicine, NGS and new biomarkers promise a new age of tailored, targeted medical care. However, diagnostics is a notoriously challenging landscape for both entrepreneurs and investors. Through our research and outreach, LSN has found that many investors are still looking at diagnostic opportunities, with some focusing exclusively or primarily on the sector. At RESI Boston, we’ve gathered five experienced investors from both the venture and corporate worlds to explain what they’re looking for in the sector and how entrepreneurs can improve their odds of finding funding for their diagnostic business.

Moderated by Tom Miller, Managing Director, GreyBird Ventures, the panelists are:

  • Alex Dewinter, Director, GE Ventures
  • Wouter Meuleman, (Director of Investments, Illumina Ventures
  • Diana Saraceni, Founder & Managing Director, Panakes Partners
  • Adam Lessler, Vice President, Canepa Healthcare

In addition to these five experts, nearly a hundred investors attending RESI have an interest in diagnostic opportunities. If you’re looking for investment in this sector, sign up now.

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