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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Multi-Family Office Rapidly Making New Allocations

9 Jan

Allocation Information

A multi-family office based in the Western US is an active investor in the medical device sector, and is interested in opportunities worldwide.  Initial investments are typically about $50,000 with the potential for follow-on investments totaling $500,000, and may be structured as equity or as debt.  The office does not invest in seed rounds.  In the recent past the office has allocated new investments at a rate of approximately one per month.  The firm offers support and expertise to portfolio companies but does not seek a board seat.

Sectors & Subsectors of Interest

Within the medical device sector, only devices with a basis in mechanical engineering, such as electro-mechanical medical devices, active implantable devices such as pacemaker technologies, and surgical instruments are of interest.  The family office invests only in companies that have already developed a prototype of their product and filed a patent application; the firm prefers that companies that seek an allocation have in-human data but does not require this.

Company & Management Team Requirements

The family office seeks to invest in strong management teams with prior experience in the medical device industry, preferably with previous successful exits and with a strong reputation in their niche.  The firm invests only in privately-held companies and prefers to make investments with the potential to exit within 3-4 years.

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