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Investing in the Future: RESI Conference Announces Corporate VC Panel

3 Jul

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

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Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and Independent Venture Capital are two totally separate beasts with different tactics and strategies – especially regarding early stage investments. Learn from the experts in Corporate Venture Capital why there is a growing interest in early stage life science. As CVC funds continue to grow, it is increasingly important for entrepreneurs to understand these entities as a viable source of potential investment.

The RESI Conference session will feature representatives from some major players in the industry. This is a must attend, one-of-a-kind panel that will provide tremendous insight for the scientist entrepreneur.

Moderated by Vikas Goyal of SR One, the audience will hear from:

Panelists will answer the question regarding independent VCs being friend or foe, and how they are different than independent venture capital. The session will also focus on the individual investment preferences of each representative on the panel. What does their portfolio look like today? What is the best way for early stage entrepreneurs to get on their radar screens?

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