Hot Investor Mandate: Specialized VC Arm of a Chinese Holding Company Invests Broadly Across Therapeutics, Devices, Diagnostics, Digital Health, Including Orphan Drugs

20 Sep

A specialized USA venture capital firm under a large Chinese holding company has headquarters in Shanghai, China and an additional virtual office in the USA. The firm is actively seeking investment opportunities from early-stage to pre-IPO rounds.  The average size of investment is around $5M. The firm has invested in 17 US & Canada companies since 2016.

The firm is a flexible and opportunistic investor that is currently considering Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and Diagnostics. The firm will also consider orphan drugs and digital health companies. The firm is open to all kinds of sectors. The firm is open to medical devices with all FDA regulatory pathways, including 510k and PMA.  The firm is open to medical devices and therapeutics in any stage of development. However, the firm will invest in private companies only.

The firm has no specific requests on the management team. The firm can act as the lead investor or co-investor depends on different cases, and the firm prefers to have a board seat.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA Investment Firm Seeks Opportunities in Pre-Revenue, Early-Stage Life Science Technologies with Strong IP

20 Sep

An investment firm based in the USA has a newly established venture capital strategy, which has a specific focus in early-stage, pre-revenue biotech companies. The firm’s initial investment is usually around $500K, but the firm has invested as low as $250K and as high as $2-3M. At present, the firm is primarily looking for USA-based opportunities with a focus on the Midwest and East Coast regions.

The firm invests broadly across early-stage therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics. The firm is most interested in technologies with strong intellectual property. The firm is open to investing in all classes of medical devices including 510k and PMA. The firm works closely with a group of scientists who covers a wide range of expertise including cancer diagnostics, immunotherapy, diseases of the ear and eye, etc. The firm is not interested in healthcare analytics companies.

The firm is flexible and is open to working with all different kinds of management teams, though experience and a successful track record is a plus. The firm has both led and co-invested in financing rounds and seeks board representation most of the time.

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Hot Investor Mandate: VC Firm with USA and Europe Offices Invests in Therapeutics, Medical Device, and Diagnostic Companies with $585M Fund

20 Sep

A venture capital firm with multiple offices in the USA and Europe is currently investing from the firm’s newest $585 million venture fund. The firm is open to investment opportunities globally.

The firm is currently interested in novel concepts and platforms across the life sciences. The firm invests in therapeutics, devices and diagnostics, and has a lesser interest in technology-led companies in the healthcare IT space (the firm is not interested in service-based/SaaS healthcare IT businesses). The firm prefers early stage opportunities; in therapeutics, the firm focuses on pre-IND technologies.

While the firm invests across many areas, one focus at present is immunology assets that aim to treat infectious diseases (viral and bacterial), with a focus on immune priming or changing the immune system. Any immunological therapeutic modality is of interest, including vaccines. The firm is interested in reviewing immunology assets at any stage of development.

The firm only invests in privately held companies that have not previously raised a Series A round or a significant seed round. The firm is a highly hands-on, active investor.

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