Hot AI Mandate: Newly Established VC Invests in AI, Digital Health & Medtech Companies

15 Jun

A newly established venture capital firm based in the USA just successfully closed the first round of their fund ($20M target). The firm invests globally in medically related early-stage companies. Initial size of investment ranges from $250 – 500K. While the firm is focused on USA-based companies, the firm is open to considering companies across the globe.

The firm invests in medtech and digital health companies. While the founder has decades of experience as an oculofacial plastic surgeon, the firm is generally opportunistic and will consider any promising technologies that address unmet medical needs. The firm has looked at AI companies, digital health/software companies implementable in medical practices, etc. In terms of stage of development, the firm is open to investing as early as pre-prototype, given that the company has properly researched the idea behind their technology.

The firm has no specific company or management team requirements and is open to acting as either a lead or co-investor.

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Hot AI Mandate: Early-stage VC Focuses on AI & Data Related Technologies

15 Jun

An early-stage venture capital fund invests patient financial capital and expert human capital in entrepreneurs using data and engineering to create the future. The firm provides entrepreneurs access to a proprietary network of experts and startup resources to give them a competitive edge. The firm focuses primarily on seed to Series B investment opportunities and leads rounds when they believe can be especially helpful to a company. The firm often participates in multiple funding rounds throughout the lifecycle of a company, and always strives to support portfolio companies as they grow. The firm does not have a specific industry focus, but rather invests across verticals in companies using data science and advanced engineering to transform their industry. The fund has made just a few healthcare investments to date and historically has not led these rounds, but is investing in building out additional expertise in this area.

The firm invests across many different industries. The firm is highly interested in areas like robotics, artificial intelligence, and data science, with the key theme being strong underlying technology. In healthcare, the firm is most interested in the intersection of biology and advanced data science with an emphasis on complex solutions that fully leverage data and apply analytics as opposed to simply collecting or monitoring data. The fund also invests in more traditional healthcare IT applications on a secondary basis, as well as synthetic biology technologies. The firm tends to avoid technologies with complex regulatory pathways.

The firm will work with all companies and management teams and look to add value to by leveraging their deep technical expertise and extensive network, and place an emphasis on management teams with deep domain expertise in the specific field they are pursuing. The firm does not require any type of board representation on deals we do not lead.

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Hot AI Mandate: CA-based VC Invests in Data-driven Healthcare/Biotech Companies Leveraging Big Data & AI/ML

15 Jun

Founded 2013, a venture capital firm is headquartered in San Francisco. The firm is investing from its most recent fund, which closed in early 2020 at $50 M. The firm invests in pre-seed through Series A rounds in exchange for equity. Typical allocations average in the $500k to $1.5M range. The main areas of interest for the firm are data-driven healthcare/biotech, enterprise software, and deep tech. The firm tends to focus on companies headquartered in North America.

The firm invests in software and hardware with proprietary algorithmic and design principles. For example, big data, AI/ML, robotics, and autonomous vehicles are of interest. Within data-driven health/biotech, the firm focuses on core technology innovations in computational health, synthetic biology, and digital health. Their portfolio includes companies involved in deep learning for medical imaging, genomics platforms and tools, in silico therapeutics discovery, large scale custom DNA synthesis, and a digital health platform consisting of software and integrated wearable hardware.

The firm seeks to work with management teams that have prior entrepreneurial experience or domain-specific technical or medical experience in the market they are targeting. They typically have regular check-ins with portfolio companies and can take on board seats.

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Hot Mandates: West-Coast Based Family Office

15 Jun

Founded in 2017, the firm is a family office located on the West Coast and registered in the Cayman Islands. Managing $25M Angel fund, the firm invests in angel and seed stage, and its typical allocation size is between $100,000 to $250,000. The firm invests in companies based in the United States, especially in the Silicon Valley area, and normally invests four to five companies every year.

The firm is interested in diagnostics and medical devices in general, especially cancer diagnostics. Regarding therapeutics, it is open to the data platforms for therapeutics and Orphan diseases.

The firm has no specific company or management team requirements.

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Hot Mandates: Sub-Fund of Asia-Based Investor

15 Jun

The fund was founded in 2019 and based on the West Coast. The firm is a sub-fund of a larger platform based in Asia, and it is managing a $10M fund dedicated to healthcare investments. The fund prefers to invest early, typically from pre-seed to series A/B. Initial investments can range from $50K to $0.5M and the firm will reserve for follow-on rounds. The fund prefers to co-invest and are looking for companies based in the US.

The fund primarily focuses on in medical devices and digital health. Examples of interested areas include digital therapeutics and remote patient monitoring. The firm is willing to consider technologies at an early stage of development as long as they have some proof of concept. The firm is interested in indications such as cardiovascular disorders, ophthalmology, dental and orthopedic.

The fund prefers management teams with strong industry ties and like to see founders in management team positions. The firm does not usually take a board seat.

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Hot Mandates: Midwest-Based Single Family Office

15 Jun

The firm is a single family office based in the Midwest. The firm actively invests in pre-seed and seed-stage companies, and occasionally invests in Series A rounds as well. The firm is open to global companies, including those in emerging countries.

The firm is most interested in therapeutics opportunities and in terms of indication, the firm is most interested in oncology and CNS. The firm is open to various modalities but has mostly looked at small molecule and some peptide drugs. In addition, the firm is also interested in repurposed assets that have initially been shelved by big pharma. In terms of stage of development, the firm will look at pre-clinical and early clinical opportunities. The firm is also interested in diagnostics and some digital health. Their interests in healthtech include technologies that help health systems reduce costs, B2C products in mental health (especially pediatric) and chronic disease, and more.

The firm does not have specific company or management team requirements. The firm prefers to co-invest alongside likeminded investors.

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RESI Partnering Week Returns September 13-17

10 Jun

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

RESI Partnering Week (RPW) returns September 13-17 for five days of match-based partnering, educational workshops, expert panels, innovative pitch sessions, and more!

RPW features a unique model made up of three days of Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI), followed by two days of targeted partnering and unique content designed specifically for age-tech and AI technology.

Get to know each event to see which are a fit for you! Super early bird rates are available until July 9, so register today to SAVE!

Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI)

September 13-15, 2021

resi-sept-logoThe Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series brings together startups with early-stage investors and strategic channel partners to maximize the capability of these companies, from seed to series B, to find partners who are a fit for their technology and stage of development. RESI is cross-border and cross-domain, connecting start-ups with ten categories of global investors across the silos of drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. RESI caters to both the earliest stage startups, those seeking grants, seed and angel capital, and the early-stage firms who seek seed, series A, and B funding.


September 16-17, 2021

resi-ai-septArtificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping the healthcare landscape and redefining what is possible in life science. RESI AI is a digital partnering conference that connects the investors and strategic partners and matches them to companies developing and commercializing AI technology in drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health to revolutionize healthcare. RESI AI features investors and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences in early-stage funding and what makes a successful partnership. This two-day digital conference provides the opportunity to meet and learn from experts, build relationships, and advance healthcare through the power of AI.

RESI Longevity

Co-Organized with Mary Furlong & Associates
September 16-17, 2021

resi-longevity-septThe aging boomer population contributed $8.3 trillion in economic activity to the 2018 US economy, and that number is projected to triple by 2050. The need for advancements in drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health for the treatment of age-related conditions is crucial. RESI Longevity is a new partnering conference focused on conditions related to aging, market challenges, and solutions via early-stage companies and their promising tech and products. RESI Longevity brings fundraising startups together with investors in age-tech innovation to make deals in order that today’s seniors live longer, healthier lives.

Learn more about what to expect at each event and how you can get involved!

1:1 Partnering


The investors attending RESI represent a huge pool of capital, and Life Science Nation (LSN)’s unique partnering system enables fundraising companies find the investors and strategic partners that are a best fit for their technology and stage of development.

  • Review profiles of other participants.
  • Schedule one-on-one and/or group meetings.
  • Build your customized conference schedule, from panels to presentations to partnering meetings

Investor Panels & Workshops


Panels and workshops highlight panelists who can provide their perspective on current trends, as well as valuable advice to fundraising start-ups. From big corporations to angel groups, and from established VCs to family offices, the panelists participating at RESI reflect LSN’s global investor network. Panels will be live-streamed, giving audience members a chance to get their questions answered in real-time.

Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) is an opportunity for early-stage companies to gain additional exposure to conference attendees, pitch directly to a panel of relevant investors, and participate in a live Q&A session. Participating companies pay registration and a pitching fee to host their company materials on the Live Agenda and participate in the live pitch session.

Apply for RESI IPC
Apply for RESI AI IPC
Apply for RESI Longevity IPC

Virtual Exhibit Hall

exhibitor hall

Exhibitors and sponsors will be featured on a dedicated page with a virtual exhibitor booth, showcasing their services and the value they can provide. Participating tech hubs can highlight their programs and constituent companies.

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