WuXi AppTec Signs on as a RESI Title Sponsor for Boston, NYC and San Francisco Conferences

10 Aug

By Natasha Eldridge, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

natasha-wp-newLSN is pleased to announce WuXi AppTec will be a title sponsor to the RESI Conference Series in our upcoming Boston, NYC and San Francisco conferences. WuXi AppTec is a leading global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device open-access capability and technology platform. WuXi AppTec joins RESI as a title sponsor along with JLABS, which currently has eight locations in innovation hotspots across North America and produces entrepreneurial programs and campaigns to seek out the best science. This pair of global early stage players will add another conduit to the early stage companies that come to RESI to find investor capital and strategic partnerships as they move forward in their product cycles.

The WuXi AppTec-LSN relationship has been growing over the years and WuXi AppTec has helped and been a contributor in our efforts with RESI content programing, panel participation, and creation of relationships with the scientist entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs who are the main constituents of the RESI conference series.

Apply by Tomorrow (August 11th) to Win Your Spot in the RESI Boston Innovation Challenge

10 Aug

By Chris Cummings, Senior Business Development Manager, LSN

With just over seven weeks to go RESI Boston, LSN is getting ready to assess which health innovators will be awarded a display spot in our NIH-sponsored RESI Innovation Challenge.  If you would like to participate and get an exhibit hall display spot to market your company to life science investors, it’s not too late to apply.

The RESI Innovation Challenge covers startups in therapeutics, medtech, diagnostics and healthcare IT companies from around the globe. All applicants will be vetted based on not only the quality of the company’s scientific work, but also the strength of the management team and how well-positioned the company is to receive investment.

On September 26th, RESI’s estimated 1000 attendees will receive “RESI Cash” to allocate to the entrepreneurs whose technologies they expect will be most influential. The capital invested will be tallied up and the top three winners will receive prizes and be featured in our RESI newsletter recap that will go out to LSN’s 20,000 newsletter readership. See below for the previous RESI Innovation Challenge first place winners – a diverse group of startups from every area of the life sciences.

Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Mo Chen, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, Taithera | Seth Harlem, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Taithera

See below for the previous RESI Innovation Challenge testimonials.

“RESI Innovation Challenge was a fantastic way for us to increase exposure to investors attending the event. We highly recommend leveraging the Innovation Challenge with the one-on-one partnering platform to get more face time with investors.”

– Herman Lo, CEO, ViewsIQ Inc.

3rd Place in San Diego IC


“It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the RESI conference held at MaRS in Toronto. The unique structure of the conference facilitated creating new relationships with potential investors and partners. In particular, the Innovation Challenge pushed us to introduce ourselves to new people, which will be useful as we look towards a future financing round. I definitely recommend the RESI conferences to entrepreneurs seeking financing in the bio / health space.”

– Raymond Shih, President, Co-Founder, QoC Health

3rd Place, RESI on MaRS, June 23, 2016


“The RESI Innovation Challenge is a really good opportunity to meet investors and other companies in the space.  It’s a good showcase to reach that audience.”

– Jessica Ching, CEO, Eve Medical

2nd Place, RESI San Francisco, January 12, 2016

“The RESI Innovation Challenge is a unique way to pitch, and provides a great opportunity to see what other companies are doing in the industry, while allowing you to meet with potential investors and strategic partners outside of the partnering meetings.”

– John Connolly, VP Corporate Development, Rna Diagnostics

1st Place, RESI Boston, September 16, 2015

Get Your Hotel Rooms Early – Boston Will Be Jammed!

10 Aug

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

For the week of September 25-29th things will be jumpin’ in the city of Boston! Life Science Nation’s Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference takes place on Tuesday September 26th, and several other events are coming to the city as well. So if you are attending RESI Boston, please peruse our list of recommended hotels and get a room booked ASAP.

It is eminently clear to me that Boston will be fully occupied that week. If you are a scientist entrepreneur or a fundraising CEO, check out the early stage investors and strategic partners already signed up to attend RESI. As a born and raised Bostonian, I implore you to not wait any longer – you can get signed up for RESI Boston right here. And once you’ve signed up, save yourself the aggravation and book a room early. The one thing you don’t want when attending a conference in Boston is a tedious commute from outside of city – it can be a challenge even for the well-worn road warriors of life science.

The good news is RESI Boston has an amazing program line up and is likely to be one of the biggest RESI events we’ve ever run. The most dynamic partnering event in healthcare will be hoppin’ as usual.

Hot Investor Mandate 1: Corporate VC Firm Invests Early in Women’s Health, Life Science Tools, and Novel Drugs and Devices

10 Aug

The corporate venture / life science investment arm of a life science and medical equipment manufacturer invests from an evergreen fund. The firm prefers to invest at company formation / seed stage, but no later than Series A. Typical investments range from USD1-5M, but the fund will make larger tranched investments in case of therapeutic opportunities. The firm invests in companies worldwide. The firm can act as either a lead or a co-investor role. The firm prefers to invest at company formation or seed stages, with the latest stage they will invest being Series A.

The firm has four current focus areas: women’s health/fertility, life sciences tools & diagnostics, biotech (novel therapeutics), and PMA medical devices. The firm is interested broadly across all indications within these sectors.

The firm prefers to invest in teams with a strong track record, but has also worked with first-time entrepreneurs. The firm may or may not take a board seat in a portfolio company. If a company is seeking to expand into Asia, the firm can leverage the capabilities of its parent company to help companies with regulatory affairs, market access and distribution, especially in the life sciences tools and fertility markets.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com

Hot Investor Mandate 2: Transatlantic Fund Looks Across USA and Europe for Medtech, Diagnostics and Healthcare IT

10 Aug

A transatlantic investment fund based in the Netherlands manages four healthcare technology funds. The firm focuses on investing in companies developing therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. The firm prefer to invest in clinical stage therapeutics companies and commercial stage diagnostics/medical technology companies. The investment size ranges from €5 million up to €30 million. The firm is seeking to make 2-3 investments over the next 6-9 months, targeting companies based in the U.S. and Europe.

The firm is currently looking for new investment opportunities in Diagnostics, Medical Devices and Digital Health spaces. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. The firm primarily invests in Europe-based diagnostic companies, and US-based medical device, diagnostics and digital health companies.

The firm does not look at therapeutics or biotech R&D service technologies. For diagnostics and medical devices, the firm is interested in companies with commercial-stage/revenue-generating products, but may also look opportunistically at earlier stage technologies. These may include 510K devices where the FDA clearance is very close and/or where reimbursement is the last hurdle and feel confident in the path to reimbursement. For digital health, the firm looks opportunistically at companies beyond the Series A stage.

The firm focuses on investments in private companies and it will consider pre-revenue companies, depending on the opportunity. The firm prefers to invest in companies with experienced and committed management team.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com

Hot Investor Mandate 3: Multinational Pharma Looks Externally for Preclinical Neuro Platforms

10 Aug

A multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Japan with a US subsidiary division is actively looking globally for opportunities to in-license cutting-edge, early stage therapeutic assets.

The firm’s external R&D is focused on both neurodegerative and neurodevelopmental diseases including Parkinson’s disease, autism, Rett Syndrome, fragile X, and lysosomal storage diseases. The firm is also interested in diabetes, immunology, and infectious diseases. The firm is seeking platform technology with new MOA such as gene therapy, stem cell therapy, and monoclonal antibody acting on new targets. The firm prefers early stage, pre-POC assets.

The firm is looking for assets that would be strategic a fit with its current portfolio. The firm is willing to negotiate regional rights based each therapeutic field. For example, in immunology and neurology, the firm would prefer both US and Asia rights. In diabetes, infectious diseases, and other areas, the firm can request Asia rights only.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com

Hot Investor Mandate 4: Midwest VC Invests in Cardiovascular and Orthopedic Devices

10 Aug

A venture capital firm based in Michigan, USA is investing exclusively in early stage and seed investments in medical device companies. The firm provides seed, first, or second round of financing, typically in equity. The initial investment in a company ranges from $250K to $3M, with follow-on financing rounds. Accordingly, the firm invests between $2-6M over the life of an investment. The firm typically invests in companies that are based in the US, but may consider exceptional opportunities abroad. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm is specifically looking for medical devices that address cardiovascular, orthopedic indications. The firm has no clinical requirements and will invest in design stage. The product must be based on strongly protected IP.

The firm prefers to invest in companies that are not looking to develop their own sales team, but rather developing a technology that can be sold at a healthy premium to a company which already has the requisite sales and marketing teams in place. The firm generally takes a board seat, but is not a requirement. In addition, the firm prefers to assume a role on the company’s scientific advisory board. The firm is looking for companies with a strong and experienced management team.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com