Hot AI Mandate: California-based VC Invests in Novel Technologies Across All Sectors of Life Sciences

14 Sep

A San Francisco based Venture Capital firm founded in 2016 is focused on early-stage healthcare companies. The firm currently has 29 companies in their portfolio, and has a network of family offices and high net worth individuals the firm shares deal flow with. The firm invests in all 4 life science sectors and the typical check size ranges from $100K – 500K in the form of equity or convertible notes. The firm generally seeks to make investments into emerging life science companies in Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stages. The firm is US-focused in terms of geographic preference, but will occasionally look outside of the US.

The firm invests across all life science verticals and is open to all 4 sectors. The firm looks for novel technologies in biotech, medtech, digital health therapeutics, and diagnostics. In terms of biotech companies, the firm focuses on biotechnology platforms rather than single asset biotech companies. The firm is agnostic to both subsector and indication, and is open to both pre-clinical therapeutic companies as well as all three stages of medical devices.

The firm is open to all types of management teams, with a goal to democratize who gets funding in the life science space. The firm is looking for diversity in the management team to combine ideas and skill set. Bioverge prefers to co-invest rather than lead.

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Hot AI Mandate: US-based VC Focuses on AI and Machine Learning in Life Sciences Globally

14 Sep

A Venture Capital firm was founded in 2020 and is located in Plano, Texas. The firm is different from a traditional VC in that it focuses on investing, building and scaling life science start-ups. The goal is to co-innovate and grow with the startups they invest in. The firm has a fund that is financed by 35 angels groups as well as a hedge fund. Investments are mainly in the form of equity and in-licensing, but the firm is flexible on a case-by-case basis with convertible notes. The firm has 7 life science companies in their portfolio to date. The firm’s main focus is biotech, medtech, and AI and machine learning technologies. Bio 9 Ventures’ goal is to build innovations in hospitals that transform the lives of patients and make doctors jobs easier. The firm focuses on Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A financing rounds. Bio 9 Ventures is open to global opportunities.

The firm focuses on AI, machine learning, and other biotech/medtech technologies, and within those domains, are open to all 4 main sectors. The firm looks for technologies in: consumer health, connected health practices, patient engagement related arenas, telehealth, distal therapeutics, and consumer health solutions and services. The firm doesn’t focus on traditional medical devices, but is looking to invest in “smart” medical devices that support connected health practices. The firm is open to most indications, especially oncology, women’s health, mental health, respiratory, cardiology, and pediatrics. The firm is not interested in drugs therapeutics or immunology with the exception of mRNA vaccines. The firm invests in pre-clinical companies.

The firm is looking for a team that they can work and co-innovate with and do channel partnering with to scale their businesses. For this firm, the concept or idea is the most important part and they are looking for more than what companies built today, they look for the future impact. Interested companies should have management teams that are in alignment with the firm’s values and that their end outcome is patient success. The firm can lead or co-invest on a case by case basis and will seek board seat representation on a case by case basis as well.

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Hot AI Mandate: UK-based VC Invests Pre-seed/seed Capital Into Therapeutics Early-stage Companies

14 Sep

A venture builder founded in 2016 and headquartered in London, United Kingdom seeks to build new ventures from scratch, generating innovation in novel science and technology from the earliest stages of development. Currently, the firm is focused on 4 main pillars: energy, agriculture, curative therapeutics, and computation. The firm invests pre-seed/seed capital into the companies they build. The firm will consider global opportunities.

Within life sciences, the firm is indication agnostic and has worked in areas including cystic fibrosis, oncology, neurodegeneration and microbiome. The firm has partnered with groups such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Cancer Research UK to devise new therapeutic approaches in their key focus areas. The firm has a strong interest in cell & gene therapy and synthetic biology, but is open to considering all other modalities – the firm has also launched companies that work on a more traditional approach.

In terms of stage of development, the firm invests in the companies it builds at formation stage and is open to working together with other organisations to undertake company creation and support proof-of-concept data generation. The firm generally does not currently build, or invest in, medical devices, diagnostics, or digital health companies.

As a venture builder, the firm does not have strict requirements or expectations on company operations or management team. The firm has generally built companies in the UK. That said, the firm has worked with scientists all across the globe to build its companies, and their portfolio also includes companies in other geographies such as the USA.

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Hot Longevity Mandate: Europe-Based Venture Fund

14 Sep

The firm is a venture capital fund and company builder with headquarters in Germany and an additional office in the US and is allocating their funds primarily into companies in Europe and North America. There is an approximately 50:50 split between traditional equity investments and venture creation, the initial investment size is in the range from $1-5M in the Seed Round and additional $10-15 for subsequent rounds.

The firm invests in technologies that can treat age-related disease and damages associated with aging, such as altered protein homeostasis, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, etc. The firm is primarily focused on therapeutics, but is also considering advanced therapy medicinal products (gene therapy, cell therapy, tissue engineering) as long as they are relevant to the firm’s mission in targeting the basic mechanisms contributing to age-related disease. However, medical devices are currently not an area of focus. In therapeutics, the firm looks mostly at pre-clinical technologies with a validated proof-of-concept. The firm will consider companies in their later stages but prefers working with early-stage companies to provide company building and strategic support.

The firm can work with all types of management teams. The firm places higher importance in the actual science or technology in development as well as solid IP position. The firm seeks to work closely with their portfolio companies and can assist with building and structuring a full management team. As the firm generally comes in as the first institutional investor, they prefer to lead rounds and take a board seat, but are also open to joining strong syndicates.

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Hot Longevity Mandate: US-Based Venture Fund

14 Sep

The venture fund is a healthcare investment firm founded in 1992 with offices in Massachusetts and California. The company actively finds and invests in life sciences companies (both public and private) that seek to cure major diseases by translating scientific innovations into positive clinical outcomes. With $1.5 billion in assets under management, the firm typically makes investments ranging from $3 to $25 million depending on the target company’s stage of development and capital requirements. The firm considers investments into companies located anywhere around the globe.

The firm invests in breakthrough therapeutics, with a focus on oncology. However, the firm also considers investments into companies developing platform technologies. While the firm considers

investment from seed stage to private investment in public equity, the firm’s ideal company has an asset that is pre-clinical or in early clinical trials.

The firm invests primarily in private companies but will also consider private investment in public equity opportunities.

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Hot Longevity Mandate: US-Based Pharma

14 Sep

The firm is a multinational biopharmaceutical corporation. The firm develops and produces medicines, vaccines and consumer health care products. The firm looks to invest in/partner with academic research and start-up companies for developing innovative therapies and delivering value to the company. The firm has established a number of partnering models including Academic & Start-Up Company Partnerships, Alternative Development / Funding Models, Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, Global Scouting, Open Innovation Portal and a Corporate Venture Fund. The firm also takes part in equity rounds, usually with rights attached. The company is open to make co-development deals to help early-stage biotech companies, and is currently looking for new investment opportunities across the globe with a focus in North America, Europe, and Asia.c

The firm is currently looking for innovative therapeutics and medical technologies targeting the following areas: Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases, Immunology & Inflammation, Neuroscience, Oncology (including Immuno-Oncology), Rare Diseases (Gene Therapy as a platform), and Vaccines. In neuroscience, the firm is focused on neurodegenerative diseases, particularly technology in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and is open to preclinical (conception) to Ph III technology in this strategy. Neuroscience companies in neuroinflammation (i.e. microglia) and other emerging CNS areas, including CNS rare diseases and symptom-treating technology, require robust Ph II (or beyond) data. For rare indications, the firm requires a therapeutic approach that directly addresses the genetic cause of the disease. The firm is also open to other life science technologies that may speed up the development process, including lab technology and drug development enabling technologies. The firm also seeks in-licensing products for development. Overall, the firm is open to all stages of development, as the firm has separate teams to encompass all phases of development from preclinical to commercial stages.

The firm collaborates – in multiple formats – with both privately held and public life science companies with experienced management teams, innovative technologies, and an established scientific unit.

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What Makes a Great Banking Partner?

9 Sep

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

A question not asked enough by early-stage startup founders when looking for banking options is, “Which available resources are specific to the needs of my company and industry?” In a recent conversation with First Republic Bank’s Nishta Rao, we discussed this question, why it isn’t asked enough, and what founders stand to gain when they understand how much more valuable a banking relationship can be when it’s the right fit. We discuss First Republic’s life science toolkit and the resources available to early-stage startups in life science and healthcare.

Listen to our conversation and get to know First Republic Bank at RESI Partnering Week, September 13-15. Sign up today and mark your calendar for the sessions answering your questions about what a powerful banking relationship can do for you.  


Tuesday, September 14 | 11 AM EDT

Beyond Banking: Finding the Right Financial Partner for You

  • Nishta Rao, Managing Director, Life Science, First Republic Bank
  • Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation 

When your startup firm gains traction, you will inevitably need a bank that can add value and understand your distinct early-stage entrepreneurial needs. There are an array of financial institutions that have programs in the life science market to aid and guide early-stage entrepreneurs to set up the right financial packages. First Republic Bank is a leader in the early-stage life science market with decades of experience and dedicated teams that provide support to scientist entrepreneurs. In this fireside chat, we discuss the programs and services available for startups and how to engage and take advantage of the FRB offerings to help your business grow.

Wednesday, September 15 | 3 PM EDT

How to Evaluate Your Banking Partner Workshop

  • Nishta Rao, Managing Director, Life Science, First Republic Bank

Life Science companies need more from a bank than just accounts and transactions. The right banking partner brings a mix of excellent service, industry expertise, and the ability to help companies grow. Join Nishta Rao of First Republic Bank to hear what companies should be looking for in a sound banking partner.

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