Hot Mandates: Canada-Based Venture Fund

7 Apr

The venture capital firm based in Vancouver, Canada and actively invests in health technology, sports technology, fitness, and nutrition businesses. The firm is an early-stage investor and focuses on investing in Seed to Series A rounds. The firm makes initial investments up to $100K through equity or convertible notes and will make 2-4 investments per year. The firm is raising a new fund that will focus on companies along the Pacific Coast of the USA and across Canada, but currently focuses on investing in Canada-based companies. With the launch of the new venture fund, the firm will invest up to $500k in first rounds.

The firm is dedicated to investing in preventative health and proactive technology solutions that optimize health, activity and longevity. As social impact and technology investors, the firm is committed to the development of technologies, products and services that both enhance and promote an individual’s ability to stay optimally healthy and active over an entire lifetime. The firm focuses on innovative health technologies including digital health, mobile health, sport technology, wearable technology, and those that help with chronic disease management and corporate wellness initiatives. The firm is very interested in consumer-facing technologies that can enhance health and wellness, quality of care, as well as technologies that could be used in developing preventative health strategies and solutions. The firm does not have minimum revenue requirements and will consider companies in their earliest stages as long as they demonstrate high growth potential. The firm will not consider therapeutics or diagnostic companies. Medical devices subject to a 510k approval process will be considered.

The firm seeks to invest in private companies developing technologies that positively impact health and wellness. The firm can work with all types of management teams with flexibility, although strong experience and a successful track record is a plus. The firm works closely with their portfolio companies and will provide needed expertise, including access to an international network of strategic advisors to support their growth.

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Hot Mandates: Corporate Venture Fund of Asia-Based Pharma

6 Apr

The corporate venture fund was founded in 2006 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm is looking to provide equity capital to seed and venture stage companies in the life science space, and invests across North America & Europe. The firm is looking to provide companies with $5 million over the lifetime of the investment and plans on making 2-3 investments over the next year.

The fund is currently looking for novel therapeutics, platform technologies, diagnostics, and vaccines. The fund is interested in novel drugs in broad disease areas including neuroscience (particularly neurodegeneration), immunology, inflammation, and rare disease, as well as diagnostics for neurodegenerative disorders. Current platform technology areas of interest include regenerative medicine, synthetic biology, microbiome, gene therapy, and nucleic acid medicine.

The fund strongly prefers that the company has a strong management team with experience in the industry. The firm historically has only invested as a co-investor although they are capable and looking to take a lead position if the correct opportunity arises. The firm is looking to allocate to companies that will eventually be able to partner long term with its parent company.

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Hot Mandate: Investment Firm with Advisory Arm Looking for Technologies in Preclinical Stage, Including AI Applications

5 Apr

A specialized life science investment and advisory firm provides a turnkey solution for life sciences companies, spanning venture capital, corporate advisory and investment banking, through to preclinical, clinical research, development, commercialization and sales.

Headquartered in Sydney and with offices in London, Shanghai and New York, the firm has a unique business model that serves to finance and advise across the entire spectrum of the drug development cycle. The Group consists of several tech transfer and financing entities and currently manages two, one hundred million-dollar funds that focus on the biotech theme through investments realized in companies at different R&D and corporate stages.

The firm typically invests $5M-10M AUD per company, the amount varies depending on the technology and structure of investment opportunity. The firm also has the capability to structure special purpose vehicles and/or financial instruments to realize specific investments that fall out of their mandate. The science, advisory, and capital arms work in synergy with each other to further the development of the research and development cycle.

The firm seeks biologic therapeutics, theranostics, medical devices, diagnostics, genomics, medical artificial intelligence applications, bio-printing and biosensors. The main focus is in discovery to preclinical stage assets but will also review clinical stage assets.

The firm typically leads investments, has the ability to invest globally and through various structures and/or financial instruments it may remain invested for several years across the R&D cycle.

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Hot Mandate: Large Healthcare Company Looking for Strategically Related Medical Technologies, Focus Areas Include AI in Healthcare

5 Apr

A large healthcare company with offices worldwide invests in medical technology companies that are strategically relevant to them. The firm invests in new technologies via venture investing, collaborations, incubation, or M&A. The firm invests globally.

The firm’s primary focuses within healthcare include in-vitro diagnostics (particularly immuno and molecular diagnostics), digital lab services (including capacity management, care coordination, technologies that help physicians make diagnoses and other key decisions) and AI technologies in healthcare. The firm will invest in any medical indication area, and prefers companies that have at least attained proof of concept data or with a product on market demonstrating traction and revenue.

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Hot Mandate: European Focused VC Interested in Big Data Driven Technologies

5 Apr

A European-focused venture capital firm founded in 2015 has partners based in Europe and the US. The firm has a current fund that is actively investing in Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Ireland. The firm is expanding into the Baltics and raising a new €100 million fund. The firm looks for companies mainly in Europe and works closely with the team to expand the business into new markets. The firm invests in series A & series B financings as a Lead or co-Lead with investments ranging from €3 million to €8 million over the life of the company. The firm is actively looking for investment opportunities and plans to make around 12 investments with the new fund over next 4 years. The firm will only invest in private companies.

The firm is an opportunistic investor and will consider medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT companies. The firm is strongly interested in diagnostics and healthcare IT companies as well as data- analytics and IoT companies. Previous investments include a pharmacogenetic test company and a drug delivery technology platform, clinical trial analytics and others. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. For therapeutics, the firm will only consider products that are in phase 2 stage or later. In terms of digital health, the firm has interests in consumer-facing platform and analytics areas, such as big data-driven technologies on complex medical research.

The firm looks for management teams with highly relevant experience and strong industry knowledge is a must. The firm looks for management teams that are willing to work alongside a hands-on investor, and the firm always looks to take a board seat. The firm prefers companies to be backed by strong IP protection and must have already raised seed capital.

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Innovator’s Pitch Challenge: Now Accepting Applications!

1 Apr

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Digital RESI June is fast approaching, and is now accepting applications to the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC)! The sessions take place virtually June 8-10. IPC applications are now open until Friday, May 14.

The IPC is a virtual pitch experience in which participating companies receive a dedicated webpage accessible via the event live agenda, as well as the opportunity to engage in a live Q&A session with investors and strategic partners interested in their products and services.

ARJUNA Therapeutics CEO, Ross Breckenridge said of the March Innovator’s Pitch Challenge:

I’m really happy to have participated in RESI and the IPC format. The investors were predominantly stage-and sector-appropriate for a biotech start up (not always the case in meetings like this). The IPC format was helpful in that we were able to post a short pitch online for on-demand viewing as well as having a ‘live’ discussion. Several of the panelists met with me after the panel, and I’ve been contacted by one investor (so far) outside the meeting after they’d seen the video pitch. I’m happy to recommend this meeting and the IPC format for early-stage biotech companies-I think this was money and time well spent for us.

Selected companies pay their registration, as well as an additional pitching fee, so apply before April 9 to save on super early bird rates! BrainXell CEO, Shouming Du also said of his experience in March:

I have had a very positive experience at RESI, my first time. Workshop, panel discussion, and IPC are complementary to each other. I like IPC format, posting materials in advance and focusing on live discussion in 10 minutes. I feel the extra money I spent on IPC is worth it, not just exposure or those 10 min Q&A. It has forced me to prepare relevant materials.

Thrive Bioscience CEO, Co-Founder & Board Director, Thomas Forest Farb-Horch won Digital RESI March’s IPC, and reached out to the RESI team to share his experience:

The quality of the judges and questions in the four Pitch Challenges were phenomenal. Panels were phenomenal, and I really enjoyed being on the Tools panel. Tad Weems and the other panelists did a fantastic job…My companies received lots of good leads and have lots of work to do, still following up.

Check out Thrive Bioscience’s sample dedicated webpage and apply for the Digital RESI June IPC by May 14!


1 Apr

85 Israeli Companies Present Breakthrough Medical Device and Digital Health Technologies to Global Industry Leaders

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN) and the Israel Export Institute have been working together for the last several years to build a stronger connection between LSN’s global network and the flourishing Israeli startup ecosystem. LSN is pleased to serve as an anchor partner to the Israel Export Institute’s upcoming event, MEDinISRAEL, taking place April 20-21. Read below to learn more about this event!

The 6th Biennial MEDinISRAEL Conference and Exhibition, Israel’s leading medical device and digital health event, will be held virtually April 20-21, 2021. The event will feature Israel’s leading medical device and digital health companies and host healthcare community members and experts from around the globe. The conference will address the issues of the digital future of healthcare, global opportunities in healthcare, the shift in point-of-care, hospital at home and telemedicine, private sector investments in the future of digital health, harnessing AI and data, the consumerization of health care and many more. The much-anticipated MEDinISRAEL 2021 will host key decision-makers and executives who generate thousands of business interactions with the global healthcare community, notable experts, leading hospitals, distributors, investors, and corporate members.

COVID-19 has created a tremendous challenge for the medical industry, and innovation is the key factor in meeting those challenges. The Israeli medical landscape represents a broad spectrum of companies that offer various medical products and technologies, making Israel an important global medical innovation hub. MEDinISRAEL will showcase innovative breakthroughs and new medical technologies through a Virtual Exhibition of 85 state-of-the-art Israeli medical device and digital health companies. Through and with the help of economic attachés of the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy, the Israeli companies will participate in hundreds of pre-qualified one-on-one meetings  with senior decision-makers in leading companies (e.g. Philips, TEVA, INSIGHTEC, EarlySense, TytoCare, Bioview, and many more).

The event will include the OpenMED Innovation Competition by Sanara Ventures, a pitch contest celebrating visionary achievements from the very best Israeli innovators focusing on digital health, bio-convergence, and medical device technologies. A variety of panels with world-class speakers will discuss the latest topics in the industry and trends in the post-pandemic era and share their best practices in health and care delivery to build healthier societies.

MEDinISRAEL’s speakers will include:

  • Frans van Houten, CEO, Philips, The Netherlands
  • John D. Halamka, MD, M.S., President, Mayo Clinic Platform, NY, USA
  • Harold F. Wolf, President & CEO, HIMSS, USA
  • Michael J. Dowling, President & CEO, Northwell Health, NY, USA
  • Ran D Balicer, MD, PhD, MPH, Founding Director, Clalit Research Institute; Chief Innovation Officer & Director, Innovation Division, Clalit Health Services, Israel
  • Arnon Afek, Associate Director-General & Acting Director, Sheba General Hospital; Chairman, Department of Medical Administration, Sheba Medical Center, Israel

“Israel has been blessed with a prospering and diverse healthcare ecosystem with more than 1,600 life science companies. The healthcare ecosystem is driven by Israeli entrepreneurship spirit, ongoing collaborations between academic institutes and the healthcare industry, governmental support tools, and one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. These factors, alongside with 25 years of expertise in implementing Health IT, electronic medical records, and Big Data Analytics have made Israel a center of attraction to the world’s leading companies and investors. MEDinISRAEL provides an opportunity to explore business opportunities and be informed about the current trends from healthcare experts from around the world, as we showcase Israeli models of advanced technologies, research and innovation.”

  • Ohad Cohen, Head, Foreign Trade Administration, Ministry of Economy & Industry

“We are proud and excited to host the world’s leading healthcare and business community members on our virtual event. In the course of two inspiring days, we will take a firsthand look at outstanding achievements, understand potential breakthroughs, witness productive collaborations, and explore the most innovative and state-of-the-art healthcare technologies coming from Israel. Especially nowadays, when a COVID-19 is challenging us all to create better and more efficient solutions, It is essential to keep pushing innovative minds into creating new health technologies. Israel is a major global player in the fight against the corona virus, and the Israeli companies are leading the changes in the healthtech field, structuring the digital acceleration. we anticipate thousands of visitors from around the world to join us, be part of this event, and create new business interactions which will lead to real business opportunities in the near future. MEDinISRAEL, alongside additional activities generated by IEI, continues to be the main on-the-ground platform for doing business with Israel’s medical device & digital health industry”.

  • Adiv Baruch, Chairman, Israel Export institute

MEDinISRAEL is initiated and produced by the Israeli Export Institute, in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Healthcare Israel. MEDinISRAEL is partnering with a number of distinguished anchor of the Israeli Healthcare System and Digital Health Industry including, PHILIPS, Sanara Ventures, the Israel Innovation Authority Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), Ramban Healthcare Campus, The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Clalit Healthcare Services, Maccabi Healthcare Services, Merage Institute, and Life Science Nation (LSN).

For more information about MEDinISRAEL 2021, please visit:

Media Contact: Liron Hadar, Director, International Public Relations, Israel Export Institute

+972(3)5142942 / +972(54)3195654 /

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