New at RESI San Diego: Genomics Investors in the Spotlight

15 Jun

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Genomic innovation cuts across many technology verticals.  The dawn of efficient and inexpensive gene sequencing enabled many breakthrough discoveries in biology by identifying genes that have a role in specific diseases. Patients can now be stratified by genetic subtypes in order to identify the most suitable treatment. Some startups aim to use sequencing to identify future health risks. Meanwhile, sequencing has created massive amounts of genetic data, which could yield many further discoveries with the right curation and analysis.

At RESI, a panel of investors with a focus on genomics will discuss what kind of breakthroughs they are looking to back, and what challenges still remain in the genomics field.

Moderated by Amanda Cashin (Head of Illumina Accelerator), the participants are:

Hot Investor Mandate 1: US Firm Works with China Partner to Invest in Disruptive Life Science Technologies

15 Jun

A venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, CA is looking for early stage life science opportunities. The firm also has a partner in China that can provide support to companies interested in China market entry, but companies do not need to have a China angle. The firm has great experience with working with regulatory agencies to gain product approval for both FDA and CFDA. Since its establishment, the firm has invested in a total of 13 companies and continues to actively seek life science investments, aiming to invest in 8-10 companies per year. The firm usually participates in seed to series B financing rounds with check sizes between $500K – 2M and will consider companies based in USA and China.

The firm is opportunistic and will consider all early-stage opportunities in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT, as long as the technology is considered highly disruptive. The firm’s greatest focus lies in the medical device sector in which the firm has the strongest expertise. In therapeutics, the firm will consider pre-clinical and phase I assets. In medical devices and diagnostics, the firm is open to all classes of medical devices including 510k and PMA that are in development or clinical trials. The firm has reviewed companies of various stages in the past: those that have just developed a valid prototype, and those that were already profitable prior to investment.

The firm seeks to work with companies with an experienced management team, ideally led by a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record. The firm can both lead and co-invest but prefers to lead financing rounds for medical device companies and will most likely take a board seat.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Venture Firm Makes Seed and Series A Investments in Medtech and Digital Health

15 Jun

A venture capital firm based in Solana Beach, CA provides seed funding to very early stage companies and also invests in Series A financing rounds. The firm is actively seeking investments and will allocate around $500K – 2.5 M, with preferred financing structures being equity and convertible preferred equity. Although the firm has invested in companies outside the USA, the firm focuses its investments on USA-based companies.

In the life sciences space, the firm is primarily interested in healthcare IT/digital health technologies and services as well as medical devices and diagnostic tools that have a tech-enabled component. The firm is open to devices of all FDA regulatory pathways including 510k and PMA. Products that have not begun clinical trials will most likely be considered too early, so these devices should at least be undergoing clinical trials. The firm is not interested in companies in the therapeutics sector.

The firm seeks to work with privately owned companies with an experienced management team that is dedicated full-time. CEOs with experience founding successful start-up companies is a strong plus. The firm can act as either a lead or co-investor in financing rounds, and will generally seek a board seat.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: East Coast Fund Makes Multi-Stage Medtech and Healthcare IT Deals

15 Jun

A venture capital firm based in New York City is focused on companies in the healthcare field with a preference for Medtech, Healthcare IT, and Consumer Health. The firm is currently investing out of their second fund, and hopes to make 2-3 investments out of it this coming year. The firm invests in all stages of companies, from Series A to Series G.

The firm considers themselves opportunistic within the healthcare field when looking for investments. The firm focuses on three major categories: Medtech (Devices and Diagnostics), Healthcare IT, and Consumer Health and is opportunistic within all three. The firm tends to prefer investments within the medtech space, a space they’re more experienced in. While opportunistic, the firm prefers opportunities in the hearing, vision, heart failure, neuromodulation, and diabetes due to previous experience in these sectors. Regarding Healthcare IT interests, the firm prefers opportunities targeted towards large audiences such as healthcare systems or large patient populations.

The firm wants to see a strong CEO and Board when making investments. The firm invests in both pre-revenue and post-revenue companies. The firm typically invests alongside a syndicate of investors, but is looking to lead or co-lead more investments in their second fund. When leading or co-leading the firm requires a board seat.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Asset Management Group Invests in Medical Devices and Imaging

15 Jun

An asset management group based in China operates a USD fund of $50 million that invests in healthcare and technology startups. Typical equity investment size ranges from US$0.5-2 million in Pre-A to Series A stage companies. The firm is open to either leading or following in a syndicated round. The firm expects to make 10+ deals in the next 12 months and can invest globally with a focus on the US and Canada.

The firm considers broadly across healthcare industries including innovative drugs, medical devices, and healthcare IT products. The firm has an increased interest in medical devices and imaging technology. The firm prefers companies that have completed a prototype and obtained FDA clearance or are ready for FDA submission. The firm is agnostic to indication areas.

The firm is looking for experienced management teams. The firm can leverage its innovation center to assist with commercialization in the China market. The firm my request distribution rights and board representation post investment.

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RESI San Diego: Check Out the Program Guide Now

8 Jun

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

With 10 days to go until the first RESI San Diego event, LSN is proud to present the latest RESI program guide. If you want to see the full lineup of sponsors, investor panelists, RESI Innovators and speakers, you’re in the right place. RESI San Diego will bring together hundreds of active investors and early stage startups to begin their BIO week with a dedicated day of partnering, networking, and early stage-focused content. Check out the details below.

Active Healthcare Investors and Strategic Partners Are Attending RESI San Diego

8 Jun

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Life Science Nation (LSN) and Johnson and Johnson Innovation, JLABS have launched San Diego’s first Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference on June 19th, 2017 during the 2017 BIO week when the biotech and medtech world gathers in San Diego. RESI San Diego will bring together 400+ fundraising CEOs and 400+ early stage investors (a 1:1 ratio) from around the globe, providing the opportunity for dialogue and relationship building, with the goal of eventual capital allocations. Register for RESI now.