Hot Investor Mandate: Single Family Office Invests in Breakthrough Therapeutics with Established Proof-of-Concept & Devices with Clear Path to Commercialization, and Digital Health

8 Nov

A single family office based in New York, NY. The group has significant experience in the healthcare space and has made several successful investments in a variety of life science companies. Initial investments can range widely depending on the needs and stage of development of the company, with allocations from $100K – $4M. Investments may come in the form of straight equity or convertible notes. The firm may lead or co-invest in a syndicate and typically looks to take a meaningful stake in portfolio companies. The group may seek a board seat depending on the size of the investment and their role in the financing round, however it is not a requirement.

The firm is fairly opportunistic in the healthcare space and is interested in therapeutics, medical devices and increasingly digital health/healthcare IT, however the group favors breakthrough technologies. As for therapeutics, The firm is most interested in companies with POC/Ph. II data, but will evaluate companies with some earlier clinical data as well. In the medical device space, the group will consider companies yet to obtain FDA approval, but looks for companies with a clear path to approval and commercialization. The firm has historically focused on biotech and medtech companies, but plans to become more active in the healthcare IT space going forward.

The firm has no strict management team requirements, but favors strong management teams with considerable experience. The group tends to focus on U.S.-based companies, but has no geographic restrictions.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Arm of Major Health System Makes Strategic Investments in Early-Stage Medtech, Diagnostic, and Digital Health Technologies

8 Nov

The venture capital arm of a major health system looks to invest between $500K – $5M, in Seed, Series A and Series B rounds. The firm is looking to invest in technologies that can be leveraged by a large healthcare system. The group is currently looking for opportunities throughout the United States.

The firm is looking to invest in companies with strong ROI potential that also are strategically aligned with the group’s parent healthcare system. The group is interested in companies meeting this criteria operation in the digital health, medical devices and diagnostics. The group is open to investing in companies that are pre-revenue, including those with a product still in development or in clinical trials. The firm does not invest in therapeutics or Class III medical devices.

The firm is looking for companies with experienced management teams and generally seeks board representation following investment. The group is also interested in forming joint-ventures or co-development programs when relevant and looks to leverage its connection to the firm to aid companies as well.

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RESI NYC 2018 Program Guide Is Released

1 Nov

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

We are counting down the days to the RESI NYC 2018 event on November 5th, and it’s now time for LSN to present the RESI NYC 2018 Program Guide. This RESI event draws upon both the rising biotech ecosystem in NY & NJ area and also LSN’s global network of investors and strategic movers in the life science space, and in the Program Guide, you can find speakers, sponsors, and innovators from all over the world. To check out the full RESI NYC 2018 content and lineup, view the Program Guide below.

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