Hot Investor Mandate: VC With US & Europe Offices Seeks Early-Stage Life Science Companies in All Sectors, With Strong Interest in Platform Technologies

9 Mar

A venture capital firm with USA and Europe offices is actively seeking investment opportunities within life sciences and healthcare sectors, with a focus on early stage. Initial investments can range from $100K – 3M, and largely varies by deal. The firm typically invests in the form of equity, and may take less equity in exchange for preemptive or pro-rata rights. The firm will consider global opportunities, but focuses on USA and Europe-based companies.

The firm is interested in various opportunities within therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. In therapeutics, the firm is excited about platform technologies (especially in oncology), DNA repair, and novel drug delivery mechanisms. Within devices, technologies that integrate or combine new technologies such as robotics, smart devices, IoT, and imaging are areas of interest. In diagnostics, point of care diagnostics technologies that can substantially transform the current standard of care are of interest. Lastly, within digital health, the firm is interested in telehealth, novel digital interventions, and any technology that successfully leverages AI to improve patient outcomes and clinical workflow. The firm is mostly stage and indication agnostic, but tend to stray away from cardiovascular and CNS indications.

The firm has no specific company or management team requirements. The firm seeks to be a very active, hands-on investor and can support their portfolio companies on their operations, scalability, regulatory strategy, and more. The firm has a growing advisory board that companies can seek to leverage. The firm can act as either a lead or co-investor.

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With 500+ Attendees, 34 Entrepreneurs Were Selected to Pitch in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

2 Mar

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


Life Science Nation is excited to announce the list of finalist companies who will be participating in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) at our next conference, Digital RESI, March 14-16!

Over 30 companies representing therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, and R&D / life science tools will be delivering a short pitch followed by a Q&A session with a panel of investors and industry experts. In addition, the companies will have a dedicated landing page, including non-confidential materials of their company, that will be showcased to all RESI attendees as a way for participating companies to boost their exposure.

Below are the participating companies – if you will be attending RESI, please make sure to look out for these companies and be sure to review their pages which will be launched next week!

If you are interested in the upcoming event but are not yet registered, you can register here to join hundreds of early-stage life science companies and investors.



Why Early Entrepreneurs Should Be at Digital RESI In March

2 Mar

By Erika Wu, Business Development Manager, Global Tech Hubs, LSN

A perk about an entirely virtual RESI conference is that any tech hub and early-stage startup from around the world can participate. In the case they miss any live sessions, such as investor-led panels, educational workshops, and the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge, they will be recorded and sent out to all registered attendees. Digital RESI takes place March 14-16, and all attendees who purchase a partnering ticket can reach out and book 1-1 meetings with investors and strategic partners.

If you’re not ready to partner with investors, or it’s your first time at a RESI conference, Life Science Nation (LSN) is offering a special “Seeing is Believing” Audience Access Pass program for only $295. This program is a first of its kind partnership between LSN and the tech hubs and includes a new Entrepreneurial Education Track. This pass is designed for startups who are not quite ready to pay for and attend partnering events but need to get a good idea about how to cater their materials for investors and how to partner effectively.

The tech hub network is always growing, which comprises of incubators, accelerators, non-profits, universities, and government organizations. Tech hubs are a crucial part of the LSN and RESI community as they provide capital, business development and technical support, lab space, and economic development for their cohort of aspiring scientist-entrepreneur and fundraising executives. With this immense support from tech hubs, their group of startups, who’ve raised less than $2M USD in capital, can accelerate their entrepreneurship journey by participating in RESI at a discounted rate.

Reach out to Erika Wu if you are eligible for tech hub rates.

Check out the current tech hubs attending Digital RESI in March:


Put Your Best Foot Forward and Check Out the RESI Survival Guide

2 Mar

By Antoinette Lowre, Manager of Business Development, LSN

Partnering conferences are an important part of an early-stage company’s journey to raising capital and achieving your fundraising goals. Life Science Nation (LSN) hosts the RESI conference series to provide partnering opportunities with investors and strategic partners. Additionally, LSN provides support to Founders and CEOs to get prepared for meetings by putting their best foot forward and prepping them with the tools necessary to get there. A key tool for making the most of our next conference, Digital RESI, March 14-16 is the RESI Survival Guide.

The RESI Survival Guide covers the 5 major steps to finding success at RESI:

  1. Build a Comprehensive Partnering Profile
  2. Develop your Executive Summary
  3. Refine your Pitch Deck
  4. Craft your Meeting Request Message
  5. Outline a Follow-up Strategy

Read detailed explanations of each step along with examples of executive summaries and meeting requests in the RESI Survival Guide.

Partnering for Digital RESI March is live, and the first round of smart partnering will take place tomorrow, March 3. Make sure to set your schedules up and make time slots available and accept and send meeting requests to secure some meetings on your calendar.

If you did not get a chance to attend one of the Partnering Tutorials, you can review a recording here. The Partnering Tutorial is a terrific way to figure out how to navigate our new partnering system and some tips and tricks on outreach strategy to secure good investor and strategic partner meetings.

If you have any questions about getting into shape for Digital RESI March, or wish to have a consultation on your marketing materials reach out to and the correct Business Development representative will schedule some time with you to review. Happy Partnering!


Hot Investor Mandate: VC With USA & Europe Offices Invests Up to €15M in Therapeutics and Medical Device Companies, Open to All Types of Technologies and Indications

2 Mar

A life science venture capital firm with offices in Western Europe and USA is investing from its third fund that typically makes equity investment into early-stage life science companies. The typical investment size ranges from €10 million-15 million. The third fund is looking to make 10 investments.

The firm is currently looking for new investment opportunities in the life science space. The firm focuses on Therapeutics and Medical Devices sectors. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications and is most interested in product-focused companies at pre-clinical / clinical stages of development.

The firm primarily invests in private companies with experienced management teams, but has the ability to also consider public companies, depending on the opportunity. The firm seeks to take a board seat in its portfolio companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Venture Firm Seeks Investment Opportunities in Digital Health and Data-Driven Medical Devices, Primarily in North America

2 Mar

A newly established venture capital firm is seeking to invest in Seed to Series A companies. The firm expects to make most of their investments in North America, but has a global outlook and has evaluated opportunities from other geographies.

Within life sciences, the firm is most interested in digital health technologies, including Digital Therapeutics, AI-powered healthcare solutions, smart devices, and tech enabled services. The firm will be extremely selective about medical device companies without a digital component. The same applies for traditional therapeutics and diagnostics sectors as well. The firm likes to see early traction (i.e. paying customer engagement), but is open to pre-revenue companies.

The firm is open to working with all kinds of management teams. The firm is capable of leading seed rounds and can act as either lead or co-investor.

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Hot Investor Mandate: VC Firm Backed by a Family Trust Invests in All Life Science Technologies Related to Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Disease Globally

2 Mar

A philanthropic venture firm was established by a family trust to accelerate the development of promising technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and neurovascular disease through targeted investments. This US-based firm makes 4-5 investments each year of approximately $1-2 million into privately-held companies worldwide at both the seed and Series A stages. The firm operates under an evergreen structure and has made 49 investments to date.

While the firm is focused on cardiovascular, neurovascular and metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity), The firm invests across all technology sectors including biotech, medtech, diagnostics, and regenerative medicine. The firm looks to invest in companies where its investment will help move the company to a value inflection point necessary for the next and larger financing round.

The firm invests in technologies that have the potential for a clear impact on patient therapy and/or standard of care, an adequate level of IP protection, well-defined use of proceeds with quantifiable and achievable milestones, and a clear understanding of the next round of fundraising needs including size and likely sources.

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