Introduction to Life Science Nation – Dennis Ford, CEO

3 Dec

Hello World!

As CEO of Life Science Nation (LSN), I am happy to announce the launch of the LSN Newsletter.  The goal of LSN is to help bridge the gap between science and business. LSN provides a sourcing platform that facilitates the identification and aggregation of current accurate prospect lists for sales, marketing, business development and fundraising executives within the life science arena.

LSN’s mandate is to help solve the sourcing problem that slows down the life science industries marketing efforts as a whole. The goal is to help sales and marketers sell more, business developers to find top candidates for strategic alliances, and fund raising executives to pinpoint capital that is a fit for their stage and products or services.

Adroit marketers understand the two paramount rules of success: know your product, and know your prospective customer. LSN is the source for identifying who is the perfect fit for your profile of a prospective client. The value of creating an accurate profile of who is a precise fit for your product, service, or fundraising campaign makes the marketing initiative more effective and efficient.  LSN was created to fill the void that exists in the life science industry when it comes to sourcing quality marketing intelligence.

Thank you for reading our newsletter, and I look forward to working with you!

Dennis Ford

CEO, Life Science Nation

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