Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Family Office to Make Several Investments in Coming Months

31 Oct

A family office based in the Eastern US manages 4 funds for a total of approximately $400 million in assets under management. They are currently investing out of their 4th fund, which has $100 million focused exclusively on the life sciences. The office looks to provide up to $5 million of preferred equity capital in the initial investment round, and up to $10 million over the life of the investment. They are very flexible in terms of period to exit, but generally look to exit in around 5 years. They plan to make 2-3 investments over the next 6-9 months and will consider companies globally.

The family office is currently looking for companies developing Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Medical Technology. Within therapeutics, which is their primary focus, companies with an asset in Phase II are currently of most interest. However, they will consider companies with assets as early as 2 years away from human trial data. Within diagnostics, they generally require that the diagnostic be at the commercial stage or have significant positive clinical data. For medical technology they require that the device have some in-human data before being considered for investment. Also, the firm is not interested in medtech companies developing devices that are incrementally improved versions of devices already on the market, groundbreaking technologies and platforms are the firms focus in this area.

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