Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Virtual Pharma Could Acquire Three Companies Within a Year

31 Oct

A virtual pharmaceutical development company based in the Western US is looking to in-license pharmaceutical assets and bring them through clinical proof of concept, and then sell them to large pharmaceutical companies. The firm is looking for candidates that require less than 3.5 years and $15 million to human proof of concept. They also look to invest in assets – not companies – and as such, they are able to consider assets developed by companies anywhere in the world. The firm is currently positioned to acquire up to 3 assets in the next 6-9 months.

The company is looking to in-license both small and large molecules in either the pre-clinical stage or Phase I of clinical development. For assets in the pre-clinical stage, the firm is not interested in lead optimization projects, and requires that the asset be within at least 12-18 months of entering Phase I. The firm’s current pipeline includes therapeutics targeting the indications of Dermatology, Type 2 Diabetes, Pulmonary Disorders.

The company looks to take a majority equity stake in its chosen assets, leaving the remainder of equity in the hands of the originator.

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