Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: CMO / Corporate VC Doubles as Seed, Venture Investor

13 Nov

A medical device incubator and contract manufacturing organization (CMO) that also provides seed and venture funding to medical device companies is headquartered in the Western US. Typically, they provide up to $7 million in equity capital into companies. They are willing to consider companies globally. The firm currently has no set number of planned allocations, but they are willing to invest in as many companies as their facilities can handle.

The incubator is looking for companies that are in the medical device space. Within the medical device space, the firm is currently interested in companies developing disposable devices, reusable instruments, and surgical devices, among other relatively low-tech devices. The firm also is very interested in indications of cardiovascular, perivascular, orthopedics and diseases of the nervous system. The firm is willing to work with companies that are still developing their prototype to those that are into clinical trials. The firm prefers that a company’s product be eligible for the 510K regulatory pathway – as well as being eligible for reimbursement.

This organization is willing to work with companies that have incomplete management teams to those that have established corporate leadership. The firm almost exclusively deals with companies that are pre-revenue. The firm is willing to participate in the formation of a new company to the takeover of a more established one, and looks to leverage the firm’s capabilities in areas of R&D, Marketing, Sales and Prototyping in order to expedite the process of getting the companies device on the market.

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