Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Institutional Alternative Investor Seeks Companies At, Near Commercialization

13 Nov

An institutional alternative investment firm based in the Eastern US manages over $1 billion in total assets, and is currently making investments out of its second private equity fund. The firm looks to invest between $2 and $6 million into companies in exchange for an equity position preferably in the range of 10%-30%. The firm prefers to lead investments, but will co-invest with other accredited and established investment firms. The firm typically allocates to 3-4 firms in a given year and perfers companies located within the US.

The firm is currently interested in high-growth companies in the Medical Devices, Healthcare IT and R&D services sectors that have begun or are very near the commercialization stage. The firm is highly opportunistic in terms of subsector and indication in these areas, although companies that they have been involved with in the past include companies developing surgical tools, diagnostics devices, clinical trial analysis software, and companies developing platforms for identifying and screening potential therapeutic compounds.

This particular organization prefers to invest in companies with complete management teams that are currently earning approximately $1 million in annual revenue. That being said, the firm will also consider exceptional opportunities in companies that are pre-revenue on a case by case basis. The firm looks to be an active investor in selected companies seeking a board seat and often participating in follow on rounds on financing when required.

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