Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Family Office Seeking Biologic and Small Molecule Therapeutics

17 Apr

A family office based in the north eastern United States is dedicated to accelerating the translation of new and innovative programs in the CV and stroke areas. The firm makes equity and convertible note investments of approximately $1 million into companies that are targeting cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases. The firm invests in privately held companies at both the seed and venture stage and is currently invests in 4-5 companies per year. The firm operates under an evergreen structure and is constantly seeking new investment opportunities. While the firm will consider investments around the globe, the firm is keen to add companies based in Europe to its portfolio. The firm is currently looking for companies in both the Biotech Therapeutic & Diagnostics and Medtech sectors. The firm’s focus is on companies developing technologies for cardiovascular, neurovascular and metabolic diseases (diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity). The firm looks to invest in companies where the investment will help move the company to an inflection point necessary for the next and larger investment round.  The firm is only willing to allocate to companies who have a clear impact on patient therapy and/or standard of care, an adequate level of IP protection, well-defined use of proceeds with quantifiable and achievable milestones, and a clear understanding of the next round of fundraising needs including how much and likely sources.

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