Top 5 Indications For Non-VC Early Stage Investors

17 Apr

By Maximilian Klietmann, VP of Marketing, LSN

Max Smile 2One of the LSN’s Research Team’s key points of focus is on investors filling the void left by Venture Capital in the life sciences space. Today, we’ll take a look at the non-VC early stage (discovery-ph. III) investors in biotech therapeutics. Let’s take a look below:#58 1

As far as indication interests go, CNS leads the way, with over 400 non-VC’s seeking opportunities in this indication area. This is followed closely by cardiovascular and infectious diseases. Endocrine and Immune disorders are also close behind. All disease areas in the top 5 have over 300 active early stage investors seeking opportunities.

So what is the takeaway? Well, for one thing, this is clear validation that non-VC investors are active in early stage biotech. Moreover, if you are raising money for an asset in one of these indication areas, but you aren’t looking at non-traditional investors, you are missing out on 300-400 potential investor fits. Keep following LSN for updates on where early stage investor interest is moving as the landscape continues to shift!

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