Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 4: Venture Firm Seeking Emerging Gene Therapy and Oncology Assets

4 Jun

A life sciences-focused venture capital incubator/accelerator based on the east coast seeks to provide capital in the form of equity and convertible notes to seed and venture stage companies. The firm can provide capital in the range of a few hundred thousand to $2 million or more by leveraging its groups of angel syndicates. The firm invests in companies across the United States, Europe and Australia with a preference for California based companies. The firm looks to be involved in 3 new companies per year.

The firm is currently looking for companies in areas of medical technology/devices, therapeutics and companion diagnostics. In the medical device space the firm is open in terms of sector and indication and will consider firms that are in the development phase as well as those that have entered clinical trials. In the therapeutics space the firm is generally open as well however the firm is highly interested in areas of cell and gene therapy and oncology. For therapeutics the firm tends to get involved at the preclinical stage or during phase I of clinical trials.

The firm requires confident and experienced management teams. Given the early stage investment style that the firm has, they often work with management teams that are incomplete and have primarily academic backgrounds. Part of the value that the investor seeks to add is helping firms fill in the gaps in their current management.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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