Engineering the Future of Healthcare: RESI Conference Announces Medical Device Strategics Panel

31 Jul

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2

The medtech space currently represents an attractive opportunity for a large number of investors, as recent LSN data shows that there is a steady interest in medical devices. This all-new RESI panel focuses on investors who seek emerging medtech opportunities. LSN has assembled a stellar group of top medtech investors to give attendees a better understanding of how these investors view the market, evaluate a sector and parse early stage medtech firms and technologies.

Moderated by Karthik Ranganathan, Strategic Innovation at Becton, Dickinson & Company, the audience will hear from:

Josh Phillips, Managing Partner, Catalyst Health Ventures

Juan Carlos Serna, Vice President, HPA Ventures

Lawrence Cho, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy & BD, Medtronic

Aaron Sandoski, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Norwich Ventures

Specifically, panelists will introduce and cover  the types and classes of devices they seek to invest in. How do they work with their portfolio companies? What stage of device and level of data are they looking for? What is the role of intellectual property in initial correspondence? Panelists will also discuss preferences for investment size and structure, geographical and team requirements, and how to better identify organizations that are actively investing in early stage medtech companies.


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