July Roundup: 76 Mandates

31 Jul

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN

lucy 10*10It’s been a busy month here at LSN, with our researchers gathering 76 mandates from a wide variety of investors between July 1 and July 25. (See Exhibit 1.)




investor type copy

Exhibit 1

If we had focused solely on talking to VCs this month, we would have had about a quarter of the number of investor conversations we actually had.

As always, we spoke to many investors who are interested in opportunities globally. Of those investors focused on one or more regions, most were interested in Canada, Europe, or the U.S. (See Exhibit 2.)

Exposure copy

Exhibit 2

Investors who were interested in medical technology slightly outnumbered those focused on drug development. We also spoke to many investors who were interested in biotech R&D services or healthcare IT and lab engineering. (See Exhibit 3.)

Sectors of Interest

Exhibit 3

According to MedCity News, CB Insights Venture Capital Activity report confirms a continuing interest in medtech. The report notes that medical devices accounted for most of the deals during the second quarter, followed by biotechnology and drug development companies.

Are you surprised that we’ve had so much success in reaching out to investors during the month of July? In the past two years, we’ve learned that making contact with investors can often be a countercyclical process; while the rest of the business world is winding down for the summer or making the most of a holiday week, investors may have more time to respond to calls and emails and start building a relationship. Summer is no time to take a break from your fundraising campaign. Rather, it’s a great opportunity to follow up with people who haven’t gotten back to you or who expressed initial interest but haven’t taken the next step. The lighter summer schedule may provide the right opportunity to win a moment of an investor’s time.


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