The Place to Meet Early Stage Investors

7 Aug

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Dennis book

LSN’s third Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference is fast approaching. Held twice a year, this event is the ideal place for scientist-entrepreneurs to meet early stage investors.

The idea for RESI came about while I was traveling and participating in a variety of domestic and international partnering and investor events. Considering the advertisements, I was surprised that so few qualified active investors attended many of the conferences. I was also shocked at the price given the limited investors turned out. The number of investors registered usually ranged from 20 for a medium-sized event to 40 or so for a large event. I knew that LSN could do much better because we had relationships already established with many of the early stage investors and strategic partners that scientist-entrepreneurs were seeking to meet. Thus, RESI was born, and this past March, 142 investors attended RESI.

The LSN investor-outreach process for the upcoming RESI conference has de-emphasized venture capital firms, which headline most life science partnering events. We welcome VCs, but we’ve been reaching out to many other investors with the goal of making both our panel content and our attendees as diverse as possible. By increasing the investor reach, we are broadening the variety of interests in the RESI partnering ecosystem. The investors who attend RESI include angels seeking high-risk, high-return early stage opportunities, foundations hoping to advance breakthroughs to improve patient care, family offices seeking long-term, high-impact investment opportunities, and the corporate development staff from pharma and large medical-device companies looking externally to fill gaps in their pipelines. Exhibit 1 shows the breakdown of early stage investor categories attending our upcoming fall event.

RESI Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1


The next RESI conference will be held at the iconic Fenway Park on September 17. With six weeks left to register, we already have exceeded our forecasts. All told, active investors from ten categories will attend. LSN will be host to 30 RESI Innovation Challenge participants and dozens of emerging life science entrepreneurs who will use our meta-tagged partnering system to connect with investors who are a fit for various industry sectors and stages of development. Using the LSN partnering system, a company executive can arrange meetings with a dozen or more investors in a day.

The majority of companies attending the fall event are in the biotech, diagnostic, and medtech sectors. A wide variety of service providers will also visit RESI, including contract research organizations and those that provide financial and legal services. To further diversify the RESI ecosystem and welcome more early stage device developers to the partnering table, we are hosting a new panel discussion on medtech investment. To see the complete one-of-a-kind content agenda, click here. Going to the panels alone will be an education in the changing landscape of early stage investment. Hope to see you there.

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