The Case for Small Markets with Large Returns: RESI Conference Announces Orphan Disease Panel

7 Aug

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2

In the United States, the orphan disease space has gained significant interest from the investment community due to the expedited regulatory approval process, combined with the lack of current treatment options that address many of these uncommon conditions. A wide range of investor types are targeting these diseases for many different reasons. RESI brings together veterans in the orphan disease space to compare and contrast the strategies and motivations of different investors in the field.

Moderated by Peter Saltonstall, President & CEO at The National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORD), the audience will hear from:

Mark Day, Senior Director, Strategic Evaluation, Alexion

Jean-Marc Quach, Executive Director, The Alpha-1 Project

Chris Adams, CEO, Cydan

Mark Barrett, VP, Head Strategy & BD, Rare Diseases, Genzyme

Panelists will introduce and cover the areas of the orphan disease field they are most involved with and interested in. What stage and level of data are they looking for prior to making an allocation? What is the best way to present an orphan opportunity to a potential investor? The session will outline how orphan disease opportunities are evaluated and valued differently than non-orphan technologies. What is their outlook for investment and scientific advancement for these niche diseases going forward?


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