Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Global Tech Giant Seeking Connected Devices and Healthcare IT Opportunities

21 Aug

A Global High-tech companies makes equity investments and is seeking strategic partnerships with early-stage companies. The firm’s equity investments are typically of $1-3 million although the firm is very capable of making allocation outside this range as well.

Within the life science space the firm focuses on the backend of connected healthcare, with the goal of using communications technology to enable a network of care, with the patient at the center using devices to share information with healthcare professionals and with family members and other careers. The firm is therefore investing primarily in medical devices and lab equipment that transmit information wirelessly, particularly those that bring innovation to hospitals and clinics. The firm generally does not invest in equipment used in very complex wet chemistry (such as assay equipment) but is otherwise open to considering any innovations involving transmitting data from devices in the healthcare and biotech R&D equipment field. The firm is also open to healthcare IT opportunities. In addition to wireless data transmission, the firm’s technological focus in the healthcare field includes very small vital sensors and variable power technologies that can deliver increased battery life. The firm prefers to invest in technologies that are at commercialization stage or close to approval, but earlier stage opportunities may be of interest. While the firm will consider any indication, elder care is of particular interest, and the firm also has programs in the consumer health, wellness and beauty fields.

The firm only invests in companies that are interested in a long-term strategic partnership with the firm.

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