RESI Double Panel Announcement: Foundations & CROs

21 Aug

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2

A New Model for Foundations: Non-Profit to For-Profit Panel

In the past, non-profit organizations dedicated to research in specific disease areas were typically unable to take advantage of the upside of any significant discoveries that were funded through their organization. Recently, a new trend has emerged: non-profit organizations investing in early stage biotech/medtech companies in return for equity. This new way of investing provides the foundation the ability to reinvest their profits, providing additional capital to fund future research.

 Moderated by David Sandak, Vice President, Research at Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, the audience will hear from:

Panelists will speak to their experience with the new model. What’s different about vetting a company with returns in mind? How has for-profit investing changed their non-profit model? What are the best practices for a fundraising executive approaching a foundation with an investment opportunity? Panelists will discuss these topics and more as they shed light on the inner workings of receiving capital placements from foundations.


Investing in Emerging Life Sciences: CRO Direct Investment Panel

This panel features CROs that are leveraging their internal expertise to make investments into emerging biotech and medical device companies, either in the form of cash or service-for-equity agreements.

Moderated by Peter Lee-Armandt of Sathguru Management Consultants, the audience will hear from:

This new form of investor is becoming more common place in the life science as CROs continue to mature and play a growing role in the industry. In this session, hear from firms that are on the leading edge of innovation talk about how they structure service for equity agreements. What kind of risk they are willing to take? What phase of development do they like to participate in? How do they vet potential companies, and how do they work with existing investors? What do they see as the future of their hybrid investment arm?

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