Family Offices Investing in Early Stage Therapeutics: RESI Panel Announcement

20 Nov

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2RESI has always aimed to bring a diverse pool of investors together to meet life science entrepreneurs, and at past events, our Family Office panels have often stolen the show.  As family offices grow in importance as a source of critical development capital for life science companies, LSN is excited to announce a second panel drawn from this category of investors: Family Offices Investing in Early Stage Therapeutics.

Family offices represent individuals and families with over $100 million in total assets, and therefore invest amounts far beyond angel capital.  As investors seeking both capital preservation and a long-term impact, many family offices have been taken an interest in biotechnology, a sector where far horizons are required and an investment has the power to make a difference for thousands, even millions, of people suffering from a serious disease.  Moderated by John Nelson, Managing Director of Genrich, Inc. the panel includes the following speakers:

Amir Heshmatpour, Founder & Managing Director, AFH Holding & Advisory

Rick Jones, Director, Broadview Ventures

Melissa Krauth, Head, Life Science Investments, Claria Bioscience

Sean Stalfort, Partner, PBM Capital

What are their particular motivations for investing in therapeutic development?  How does the more flexible nature of a family office structure affect their approach to biotech opportunities?  What, in addition to capital, can these groups bring to the table for an early stage company? How does an entrepreneur find a family office that might be interested in biotech and get in touch, and what information do they look for in the initial correspondence?



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