Panel announcements: Preclinical Investors and Healthcare IT

11 Dec

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

PrecliTom 2nical Investors:

Attracting investors with interest in preclinical technologies has been a strong suit for the RESI Conference in the past, and the event’s premier on the West Coast is no exception. By reaching out to its deep roster of contacts from this investment stage, in which all investor types are now getting involved, LSN has brought together a unique mix of investors for the upcoming Preclinical session.

Moderated by Rajesh Rangantahn, Director of the Office of Translational Research for the NINDS, the audience will hear from:

Michael Recny, CEO, Calvert Holdings

Natalie Dakers, President and CEO,  CDRD

David Berry, Partner, Flagship Ventures

Ron Demuth, President, Torrey Pines Investments

If you’re looking for your first round of investment post-R&D, this diverse group will help you understand the nuances of positioning your company, how to approach the initial correspondence, and which classes of investors are currently interested in what types of technologies. If you’re looking to begin building a strong investor pipeline to get your company off the ground, this session is a good place to start.

Healthcare IT:

Healthcare IT has been a hot topic for investment recently, to say the least. From hospitals and healthcare providers implementing new electronic healthcare systems, to companies creating devices built to track your every move, it is clear that healthcare IT and big data are going to be huge players in life science world going forward.

Moderated by Randy Scott, Partner, HealthQuest Capital, the audience will hear from:

Akhil Saklecha, Partner, Artiman Ventures

Rich Simoni, Partner, Asset Management Ventures

Rik Vandevenne, Director, River Cities Capital Fund

Phillip Sanger, Managing Partner, Texo Ventures

How should healthcare IT companies position themselves to look most attractive in the space? What subsegments of this space are investors currently most interested in? What does the future of healthcare IT have in store? All these questions and more will be answered on January 13th. If you are a fundraising executive working in Healthcare IT, this session will provide you with tactical advice on how best to move forward.




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