RESI 4 San Francisco: Compelling Connections Created, Dialogues Begun, the Game’s Afoot

22 Jan

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Dennis bookLast week, LSN moved its Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) Conference series from Boston to San Francisco to partake in the annual migratory life science industry gathering. I am happy to report that RESI 4 was a success.  Attendees included over 200 early stage investors, 200 early stage biotech and medtech entrepreneurs and 100 service providers participating in early stage funding panels, partnering and workshops.  Forbes made mention of RESI in their coverage of the JPM Healthcare event. 


Partnering Forum at RESI 4

The big news is not the size of RESI, but the two compelling constituencies that attended and helped to create such a unique and dynamic event.  The first constituency consists of the 10 categories of global investors attending including angel groups, corporate venture capital, foundations, family office and private wealth funds, government organizations, hedge funds, institutional alternative investors, large pharma and medtech companies, private equity firms and venture capital funds.  The second constituency, the scientist-entrepreneurs from the biotech and medtech arena, are all actively fundraising and therefore want to be as efficient as possible with their efforts. These fundraising CEOs not only need to meet with investors that are a fit for their stage and sector, but also understand the current investor landscape and how best to navigate within it.  Take a look at the program guide and you will understand why RESI is a success and why we are garnering the attention of the industry.

RESI is the only conference that is totally dedicated to mapping out and interacting with the early stage life science investment domain. LSN started RESI because we had determined that there was a need specifically for early stage investment focus.  The life science universe is vast and most conferences do a good job at broad industry coverage but RESI wanted to be micro focused.  The glut of government funded companies with great data and the wealth of academic and pharma scientists spinning up their own firms called for a place for all to gather on a regular basis.

We hope to add a few more venues to augment the Fall Boston RESI conference and the January JPM event, so stay tuned.


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