Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Venture Philanthropy Firm Seeking Seed Stage Highly Novel Life Science Opportunities

29 Jan

A venture philanthropy firm based in San Francisco, CA provides seed grants of $350,000 to 8-10 early stage companies per year.  Companies must reach specific milestones in order to receive instalments of the grant.  Grants are in the form of a convertible note that, if the company raises a Series A round, will convert based on the Series A valuation; however if the company fails before raising a Series A round, no debt will be due.  Additionally, when a portfolio company becomes revenue-generating or is acquired, the firm receives a 3% royalty payment capped at 3x the value of the grant.  The firm funds companies throughout the USA.

The firm invests in fundamental technological breakthroughs that intersect hard science (including life sciences) and technology.  In the case of therapeutic technologies, only novel technologies are of interest; repurposed/biosimilar assets are not of interest.  The firm is interested in platform technologies rather than companies developing a single biotech asset.  The firm works with very early-stage companies requiring capital to meet specific milestones, and therefore does not fund human clinical trials.  The firm has experience of investing in life science companies across the therapeutics, diagnostics, medical technology and biotech R&D tools sectors.

The firm funds companies that have raised less than $1 million of outside capital.  In addition to financing, the firm assists portfolio companies with business strategy, presentation, and finding strategic partners and investors.  Generally a company works with the firm for two years prior to raising a Series A round.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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