[Video] Healthcare IT Investors Panel at RESI 4

5 Mar

By Nono Hu, Senior Manager, Branding & Messaging, LSN

Nono 2For those who were not able to attend the fourth RESI Conference in January, LSN would like to bring the Healthcare IT Investors panel to you. In this panel, five investors explained their current investment mandates and shed light on the hot topics in the Healthcare IT field:

• What are the subsectors within healthcare IT that you are most interested in right now? Are there any you are “allergic” to?

• As you are looking at an investment in the space, what is unique to healthcare IT that you worry about and dig on the hardest as opposed to other investments in other sectors?

• As entrepreneurs are positioning their companies for investment, is there something like a particular a piece of information, data point or illustration that entrepreneurs can demonstrate that is particularly impressive, or able to distinguish themselves from the crowd?

• In general, where do you think the trend on valuations is going? Do you think about valuations in this space differently than in other spaces?

• Aside from Health IT pure plays are you seeing a trend where traditional biotech therapeutic, device or diagnostic companies are utilizing next generation IT or analytics to improve the efficacy or accuracy of their products. How do you view those opportunities as investors?

Watch the video to learn more.

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