RESI @ TMCx Medtech Angels Panel Announcement

19 Mar

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN


Angels represent an extremely important pool of capital for a fundraising entrepreneur, especially since they have been increasingly syndicating and participating in larger financing rounds. To help entrepreneurs with a medical device or technology better understand how to receive an allocation from an angel, LSN has assembled a panel of angel investors with specific interested in medical technology.

Moderated by Richard Koffler, Member, Tech Coast Angels, the audience will hear from:

This session will help scientist entrepreneurs understand the perspective of an angel. Angels will explain their investment preferences, and those of their respective syndicates. What types of deals are most attractive to angels? How does an angel group filter, evaluate and parse the plethora of deals that surface? What do angels look for in the initial correspondence?

Other topics of discussion will include their criteria for management team, stage of technology, and whether there is a preference for regional or global firms. What is the difference in presenting to an angel group versus a traditional one-on-one investor meeting — and how does the vetting process work? If you’re looking for angel capital to move your technology forward, don’t miss this session of expert insight at RESI.


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