Researching Life Science Investors: Webinar Now Available

2 Apr

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

mike-2Back in January, at our RESI Conference, I gave a presentation describing the tools and methods used by LSN’s Research team to identify, profile, and initiate dialogue with investors in the life science space. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees praising the tactical nature of the information, and Medmarc requested I host the presentation as a webinar for their monthly series. The entire webinar can be downloaded here, however with this article I wish to elucidate one simple tool that can be used immediately and will drastically improve your effectiveness when researching investors.

While Google remains the most common search engine in the world, many people underutilize it. The following two images feature a few Boolean operators that can be used in the Google Search bar as well as a screen shot of a sample search using them that shows how effective they can be.




Thanks to the use of Boolean operators, the search above yields only web pages that have “life science” in the title, include both “invest” and “early stage” somewhere in the text, and do not include the word “public.” As shown, this one simple search yields a number of early stage life science investors on just the first page of results. When using these operators for your own fundraising campaign, you should tailor the search to include keywords that describe the profile of your opportunity. These include your stage of development, indication, technology type, and any other information that can be associated with your company or product. You can also narrow your search based on the type of investor you are interested identifying. Whether you are seeking Family Offices, Corporate Venture Capital, Venture Philanthropy, Venture Capitalists (VC), or any other class of investor, you can focus on them by including the investor class in quotations in your search.

Experiment through multiple searches; you can go from very narrow to broad by varying the number of keywords and operators you use. Consider who might be interested in your opportunity from a number of angles, including geographic regions with government initiatives, people affected by the condition, potential strategic benefactors of your technology, as well as financially motivated investors looking strictly for a strong ROI. By doing this, you can build a strong target list of people to contact who may want to work with you directly or can refer you to someone else in their network who does.

For over two years, LSN has been using these methods to identify and profile capital providers in the life science space with outstanding results, both in finding new investors and successfully matching companies with investors. The webinar offers more information for those entering the capital fundraising landscape, including details on the different categories of investors that can be found, how to determine whether an investor is a good fit, and how to structure the initial outreach to increase the odds of a meaning dialogue. I hope you can use this information to better identify investor leads and I wish you all the best in your campaigns!

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