Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Corporate VC Fund of Global Healthcare Company Seeking Innovative Therapeutics, Devices and Diagnostics in a Number of Indication Areas

10 Sep

The corporate venture fund of a multinational healthcare company has allocated CHF 500 million to invest in and develop commercially successful innovative life science companies. The fund is an evergreen fund and makes equity investment in early-stage biotech therapeutic and diagnostic companies. The fund prefers Series A. The typical initial investment size ranges from CHF 1-5M with capital reserved for follow-on financing. The fund invests in companies that are based in Europe, North America, and the Pacific Region. The fund is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The Fund is looking to invest in companies with innovative new technologies, medicines or diagnostics, particularly in the areas of interest to the fund’s parent company. This includes: Oncology, Central Nervous System, Inflammation, Anti-Infectives, Virology, in-Vitro Diagnostics, Diabetes Care, and Molecular Diagnostics. For therapeutic biotech, the fund is willing to invest in companies that are still 18-24 months away from the clinic. The fund highly prefers companies with both a discovery engine and a product pipeline.

The Fund invests in private and public companies. The fund only invests in public companies as part of a collaboration entered into by the parent company’s pharma or diagnostics division. The fund requests board seats and typically prefers to be in an ownership range of 15% or more. In general, the fund prefers to co-invest with leading venture funds as well as other corporate venture funds.

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