Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 4: Global Pharmaceutical Company Seeking Early Stage Partnerships in Immunology, Inflammation and Metabolic Diseases

10 Sep

A global pharmaceutical company is looking to form partnerships with small biotech companies using a variety of structures depending on the needs of the opportunity, including licensing, development partnerships, co-marketing, and acquisitions. Partnerships may also involve in-kind services. The firm works with partners worldwide.

The firm is currently looking opportunistically at novel therapeutic assets. While the firm will consider assets in any indication area, immuno-oncology is an area of high interest; the firm is also particularly interested in other areas of immunology and in inflammation, metabolic disease (particularly type 2 diabetes), fibrosis and hypertension. The firm is open to any type of modality, including small molecules, biologics or cell therapies. The firm also has some interest in companion diagnostics and means of selecting suitable patients or monitoring patients. The firm will work with companies at any stage of development, from very early discoveries through to market.

The firm does not work with companies pursuing incremental innovations; the firm only partners on novel, breakthrough technologies, such as new molecules or new targets. The firm is interested in assets in which the mechanism of action is understood, and it is preferred that the target or pathway of the asset is validated. The firm is interested in assets that have been shown to have an unambiguous advantage, and which can create value for patients and payers.

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