October Mandate Roundup

5 Nov

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN


Last month, the research team at LSN spoke with 80 investors seeking to make allocations into privately held life science and healthcare companies. These investors spanned 16 countries, and while a majority were based in the United States, LSN found a significant investor presence spread all around the globe (See figure below).


Source: LSN Investor Platform | Data as of October 31, 2015

What is more interesting than where these investors are based, however, is where geographically they are willing to make allocations if the right opportunity were to arise.


Source: LSN Investor Platform | Data as of October 31, 2015

Nearly half of the investors LSN’s research team spoke with in the last month are looking around the globe for investment opportunities. This trend is driven by a number of factors LSN Research is seeing in the space, including Asia-based investors looking overseas to bring technologies back to their local regions.  LSN Research has also found that large pharma, medical device and technology companies (and their corporate VC arms) are increasingly interested in scouting globally for new technologies for their pipelines.

The chart below shows the different types of investors that LSN’s research team spoke with in October; LSN has found great diversity in the investor ecosystem.


Source: LSN Investor Platform | Data as of October 31, 2015

As LSN researches life science investors, the team meets an increasing number of investors outside of the traditional path of venture capital who are seeking to make allocations in the space. While venture capital remains a significant player that catches a majority of headlines, there are also many other investors operating in the space. By only attempting to secure funding from venture capital groups, you are greatly limiting your chances of finding the right funding partner.

While this roundup provides an overview of some of the information LSN has recently gathered regarding investor interest, LSN collects many other details that help us identify suitable opportunities for each investor. The research team at LSN looks forward to continuing to fill in our readership with any and all developments and trends we uncover when speaking with investors in this space.

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