RESI Panel Announcement: Biotech Angels Panel

12 Nov

By Christine A. Wu, Research Analyst, LSN


Angel investors have been one of the first go-to investors as an incredibly important source of capital for fundraising entrepreneurs. They provide early stage companies not only with capital, but also with experience and professional knowledge due to their unique membership composition and investment focus.

Furthermore, there is a continuing trend of angels syndicating to participate in larger investment deals with angel investor rounds growing from $800K in 2014 to over $1M to date in 2015.

LSN has assembled accredited Angel investors particularly interested in biotech therapeutics for RESI San Francisco, occurring on January 12th. The Biotech Angels Panel will be moderated by Karl Handlesman, Founder of Codon Capital, and will be joined by:

The panel will serve as an educational opportunity for scientist entrepreneurs to better understand the trends in angel investment in the bio-pharmaceutical field; the perspective of an angel when approaching a deal in the space; and the best approach to initiate dialogue with an angel investor. Angels will explain their investment preferences and their evaluation criteria, and provide overall advice in how to approach and build relationships with them. This will undoubtedly be a tremendous opportunity for biotech life science entrepreneurs to meet angel investors in person.


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