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Insights from Genomics Investors Panelists

3 May

By Jessica Yang, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

During RESI on MaRS – as part of Toronto Health Innovation Week – we invited five panelists from renowned investment groups focusing on genomics to share their insights. How do they assess the genomics-related areas of investment?

Moderated by Ihor Boszko, Vice President, Business Development, Ontario Genomics, the Genomics Investor Panelists were:

Here are some takeaway points from the panel discussion:

Tools, platforms, and technologies
Q: What do you see as exciting opportunities on the platforms/tools side of genomics? Is it in the decentralization of sequencing? Other genomics technologies?

  1. The key is to think about what kinds of applications and markets these companies are targeting. When investors look at new sequencing platforms, they are thinking about what differentiates these new technologies from centralized sequencing – what can these platforms do that centralized sequencing cannot? For innovative genomics companies, they must identify their target markets and specific applications they want to address in the decentralized models.
  2. From different angles, all points to the same direction – the guiding principle of making investments in the healthcare arena is looking for unique and differentiated technologies that address unmet needs. The other is costs, anything expanding access while lowering the cost speaks to investor’s interests. For example, platform technologies that make things cheaper, better, or faster, making it practical in clinical settings – this is what the investors are looking for.

Direct-to-consumer in Genomics

Q: What do you think about direct-to-consumer products in Genomics?

  1. More and more direct-to-consumer products come out on the market, and it’s getting easier for everyone to do it. However, genetics and genomics are complicated. In the current healthcare system, most people aren’t trained to order or interpret the results. The challenge is that training and sophistication will lag behind the technology for computers.

Some of these direct-to-consumer tasks are negatively impacting their reputation as it relates to quality. One of the ethics dilemmas around direct-to-consumer products is that people don’t understand the terms and conditions, and some of that is companies selling consumer data,

Meet the Family Office Panelists at RESI Toronto

5 Apr

By Christine A. Wu, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


For every RESI event, the LSN Investor Research team aims to recruit a diverse slate of panels with experienced investors of all types and focus areas within life science technology. As one of the more highly sought types of investors for entrepreneurs, Family Offices is a recurring panel at RESI. Mostly backed by private wealth as evergreen funds, family offices often have deep connections in the life science field both professionally and, at times, personally—some family office investors have loved ones battling debilitating diseases. Family offices are highly idiosyncratic with their own motivations and strategies, though despite their differences and founding stories, they continue to play actively within life science investment.

On April 10th at RESI Toronto, we will hear from four family offices that invest in several different life science sectors. Moderated by Catherine Love, Director of Capital Services for MaRS Discovery District, the panelists include:

  • Sherry Grisewood, Chief Investment Office, Foxhill Asset Management
  • David Ramos, CFO, AGP Holdings
  • Chuck Stetson, CEO, Stetson Family Office
  • Oded Levi, President, Epstein Enterprises

Register now for RESI Toronto at the MaRS Discovery District on April 10th to hear from these experienced individuals.

RESI Panel Announcement – Diagnostic Investors

30 Mar

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Diagnostics is a challenging landscape for fundraising and commercialization; however, the sector attracts interest and backing from a wide variety of stakeholders. There are many unmet needs in the sector, from finding new disease biomarkers to improving monitoring of progressive diseases.

The range of diagnostic investors attending RESI on MaRS next Tuesday provide testament to this varied landscape, with interest in novel diagnostic technologies coming from major pharma and device companies, diagnostic service providers, venture investors, and government organizations. RESI will bring the diagnostics world together for a panel discussion, moderated by Bob Williams, Vice President, Business Development and Innovation – Bracco Diagnostics, and featuring:

These investors will introduce their own specific angle on the diagnostics sector, and will cover what they look for in an investment opportunity in this sector. Panelists will also provide advice on how to make a new diagnostic catch their attention as an investable product. If you’d like to hear the advice of these experts at RESI, there’s still time to sign up.

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