Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 6: Foundation Invests in Cancer Cures Worldwide

25 Nov

A large US-based foundation is dedicated to finding cures for blood cancer patients and invests up to $20 million of its funds per year in assets that that have the potential to change the standard of care for patients with blood cancer. The foundation invests on average $3-4 million dollars per company in a cost sharing basis, but has made investments ranging from $1.2 million-$12 million. The firm looks to provide tranched equity funding or sponsored research upon milestones for an ROI based on a mutually agreed upon definitive arrangement. The firm makes investments in innovative assets in Proof-of-Concept in patient stage of development and is looking to make 3-5 investments per year. The foundation invests globally, and will invest alone or as part of a syndicate with other investors.

The foundation is looking to invest in companies developing either a therapeutic, device or a diagnostic or supportive care product that will benefit patients with blood cancer with urgent unmet medical needs and will consider any sub sector. The foundation’s target stage however is in companies that are just beginning to obtain proof of concept data in patients; however the firm has invested in companies that have products in stages of development including IND-enabling, phase I, phase II and phase III of clinical trials.

The foundation will consider investment in a private or public company that has capital resources of their own. The foundation looks for companies with a management team that has industry experience taking drugs through the development and the regulatory process, ability to execute on a plan and strong scientific and business leadership.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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