Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 5: VC Invests in Medtech & HCIT Hospital Solutions in NoCal

25 Nov

A firm based in Northern California makes seed and venture round investments in the form of equity or convertible loans. Investments may range up to $500,000, with the potential for follow-on investments. The firm prefers to support companies based in Northern California or with ties to the region, and plans to make approximately 2 further investments.

The firm is seeking to invest in products that can be used by hospitals or health systems to solve major problems. The firm invests in medical technology, healthcare IT and also has some interest in diagnostics. In the medical device sector, the firm invests in projects at both preclinical and clinical stages of development. The firm has diverse interests and will consider investing in any area of the medical device and healthcare IT/connected device field, but possesses specialist expertise in radiology, molecular imaging/imaging devices, and electro mechanical medical devices. In addition to these areas of expertise, the fund is interested in subsectors in which the Davis/Sacramento region provides significant expertise such as regenerative medicine and telehealth. In general, the firm is interested in technologies that improve standards of care or deliver more time- or cost-efficiency for healthcare providers.

The firm works with health systems in Northern California to launch pilot projects in order to vet new technologies from the fund’s portfolio. The firm therefore focuses on opportunities that can be de-risked with this method. The firm prefers to exit investments in a short timeframe (about 2 years), and seeks a board seat in portfolio companies.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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