Who Will You Meet at RESI San Francisco?

7 Jan

By Cole Bunn, Research Analyst, LSN


Life Science Nation’s mission of connecting scientist entrepreneurs with capital gave rise to the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference nearly 3 years ago. As we approach our seventh RESI conference, during the highly anticipated JP Morgan week in San Francisco, we’re expecting a record of well over 300 investors representing over 200 different firms in attendance. Figure 1 shows a breakdown of investors by type who will be at RESI San Francisco on January 12, 2016. You can also view the firms represented here.

Venture capital is the most represented investor type, and this includes a growing number of non-traditional venture firms in today’s investment landscape. For instance, the relatively new emergence of the “micro VC” has more capital flowing into seed and series A stage companies. As shown here, several other investor classes looking for early-stage life science technologies that don’t fall under the venture capital umbrella also have a large presence at the RESI conference. This diversity of investors means that RESI Partnering can provide RESI’s great variety of attendees with the opportunity to make a connection with a financing partner that’s the right fit for their round.

Life Science Nation’s network of varied investor types will be showcased on an assortment of panels throughout the day. The 16 panels scheduled to take place at RESI San Francisco will cover the full range of companies in the life science space (biotech, medtech, diagnostic and health IT) and the different investor class’ tactical guidance for navigating the investment process of their respective niches and outlook on the future of each sector. The LSN research team’s unique perspective on the investment landscape has spurred a new panel that will be held for the first time at RESI San Francisco, Consumer Health “Investing in Innovative Products for Healthy Living,” and the return of two panels from former RESI events, Asia-Pacific Investors, “Forging Cross-Border Collaborations in Healthcare,” and Orphan & Rare Disease Investors, “Seeking Returns On Investing In Small Patient Populations”.

The fundraising process is typically a lengthy one, therefore multiple interactions with prospective investors and strategic partners are essential to a successful campaign. The RESI conference is an ongoing series that provides just that, allowing entrepreneurs to interface with a diverse field of investors, foster existing relationships and make new connections throughout the year, at multiple events. RESI San Francisco is just the first stop for 2016, with additional RESI conferences being held in Houston, Toronto and Boston, later in the year.

This ongoing chain of conferences coupled with the forward-looking investor mandate information used in our partnering platform really makes RESI stand out in terms of the ability to make meaningful connections. To see a demonstration of just how effective the partnering system can be at finding a match, please watch this video.

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