Hot Investor Mandate 3: Corporate VC in Semiconductor Sector Seeks Med Devices, Instrumentation, and Nanotech

11 Feb

An Asia-based corporate venture capital fund with a US office in California seeks to co-invest up to $3 million in Series B or C rounds. The corporate VC does not have a defined fund or budget, though typically invests a total of $10M-$20M per year, including in follow-on investments. The fund is currently seeking 2-3 new investments within the next year. The fund seeks opportunities in the U.S., Asia, Europe and Israel.

The fund has two focus areas in the life sciences; firstly, medical device technologies that have strategic relevance to the parent firm’s semiconductor business with a focus on diagnostic instrumentation and nano fabrication technology; and secondly, innovations in stem cell ancillary technology. The fund does not invest in stem cell therapies or treatments, but will look at biotech R&D innovations in the stem cell field that cultivate, study, and analyze stem cell lines. The fund is particularly interested in companies that can benefit from the parent firm’s strategic capabilities, such as companies that will need silicon nanofabrication technology. The fund is currently looking at all classes of medical device technologies, including sensor technology.

The fund typically invests in pre-revenue companies, but prefers that companies have a completed prototype and proof of concept data. The fund only invests in opportunities where the parent firm’s industry expertise is relevant, and typically provides their portfolio companies with business development and marketing support in addition to capital.

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