Hot Investor Mandate 2: Pharma Seeks Series A-B Deals In Liver Disease, CNS and Diabetes

18 Feb

A pharmaceutical company that specializes in Liver Disease, CNS, and Diabetes is actively searching for promising therapeutic candidates under development around the world to invest in or incorporate into its pipeline. The firm is flexible in terms of the structure, and has the ability to invest, in-license, acquire, and co-develop products. If investing in a company, the firm is most interested in private companies, though does look at public companies. The firm will invest in Series A/B companies or assets, and will typically invest between $1M-$5M per allocation depending on the opportunity. The firm is interested in world wide/major territories such as the US, EU, APAC, and East Asia.

The firm is currently seeking promising therapeutic candidates to incorporate into its pipeline. In terms of indications, the firm is most interested in therapies targeting liver disease, though is indication agnostic with added interest in neurology, hepatology, oncology, and gastroenterology. The firm is also interested in other therapeutic areas that address unmet medical needs, including orphan disease. The firm will look at both small molecules and biologics and will consider both NCE or NCE-like molecules, as well as re-positioning molecule to a new indication. The firm is not in OTC drugs. The company prefers assets in phase I, II, IND-ready, or preclinical with some in-vivo data. However, the company will also look at assets in phase III and NDA stage.

The firm will consider partnership opportunities from around the world and has no specific management team or distribution right requirements.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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