Hot Investor Mandate 3: Cross-Border Fund Seeks Healthcare Opportunities Outside of Traditional Biotech Hubs

18 Feb

A cross-border venture capital fund is currently investing from its roughly $70 million fund closed in 2014. The initial investment size is highly variable although the firm is looking to provide up to $10+ million over the lifetime of the investment. The firm generally provides capital in the form of equity although they also have experience in working with convertible notes. The firm is interested in companies located in North America or Asia, with a special interest in regions outside of traditional biotech hubs. The firm’s primary focus is on private companies while public investments are also made selectively.

The firm is currently interested in companies developing Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, and R&D Services Companies. The firm is entirely opportunistic in terms of subsector and indication. In terms of phase of development, the firm is looking for companies with lead assets in the preclinical stage to companies that already have products on the market. The firm will consider companies in various stages on a case by case basis including seed financing.

The firm views the management team as one of the most important variables in selecting a potential investment. The firm looks for highly experienced and trustworthy management teams. The firm is highly interest in US based companies that are looking to expand into Asian markets or vice versa as member of the fund can add much value in these situations with their vast Asian network. However this US-Asia business development angle is not a criteria or requirement for the firm’s investment.

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