Hot Investor Mandate 4: Research Institution Partners with Investment Firm to Invest $150 Million in Regenerative Medicine Companies

12 May

An investment firm with offices in the US and UK is partnering with a research organization to raise a $150 million fund focused on Regenerative Medicine (RM). Within RM, 80% of the fund will be towards immunotherapies, cell and gene therapies while the remaining 20% of the fund will be towards enabling-technologies that move RM forward in commercialization and medicine. The firm is looking to build a portfolio of 10-15 early stage RM companies, investing up to $10 million per deal with an initial investment of $1-3 million. The firm prefers to lead investments, though is willing to co-invest. The partnership recently launched the building of cell manufacturing and process manufacturing facilities for GMP, process development, and vector manufacturing that will enable the optimized production of cell lines and tissues necessary for early clinical development of RM technologies. All companies the firm invests in will have the valuable opportunity and prioritized access to the facility in developing their technology. The firm invests globally in RM companies, particularly those RM companies open to leveraging the existing infrastructure local to the firm’s partner organization.

The firm focuses exclusively on regenerative medicine, including stem cells, cell therapies, immunotherapies, and tissue engineering. The firm is interested in RM therapeutics, and is actively looking at several immunotherapies, such as those involving T-cells, dendritic cells, and/or checkpoint inhibitors. The firm is open to any indication in the therapeutic and medical device space, as long as the underlying RM technology is robust, and has demonstrated efficacy that is not incremental, but rather a dramatic change in the way the disease is currently treated. The firm invests in early projects, primarily from the pre-clinical stage through Phase II.

The firm is looking for compelling RM technologies, and is prepared to build or augment the management team and/or board of a company, if necessary.

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