RESI on MaRS Double Panel Announcement – Early Stage Therapeutic Investors and Incubators & Accelerators Share Their Perspectives

26 May

By Christine A. Wu, Research Analyst, LSN


Early Stage Therapeutic Investors

It is well known that early stage therapeutic companies require a significant source of funding due to the long road of development. Despite therapeutic companies’ high-risk development timeline, many investors continue to remain focused on investing in biotechnology with a steadfast belief in the potential of the space.

For RESI on MaRS (June 23rd), LSN has assembled five highly experienced investors particularly interested in biotech therapeutics. Held in the heart of Canada’s healthcare innovation hub, MaRS Discovery District, the Early Stage Therapeutic Investors Panel will be moderated by Cynthia Lavoie, Partner of TVM Capital, and will be joined by:

The panel will serve as an educational opportunity for scientist entrepreneurs to better understand the trends in investment in therapeutics, the investor’s perspective when approaching a deal in a high-risk space, and the best approach to initiate dialogue with them.

This is a tremendous opportunity for biotech life science entrepreneurs to meet and develop relationships with potential investors.

Incubators & Accelerators

It’s a huge challenge to launch a healthcare startup, but an increasing number of incubators and accelerator programs are stepping up to support early stage entrepreneurs and provide services, facilities and capital to speed their paths to market.

Leaders from five of these organizations are gathering at RESI on MaRS to share their experience of working with very early stage companies, and to explore how a startup can work with an incubator or accelerator partner to get ahead on their development pathway.

The moderator, Rebecca Yu, Head of JLABS @ Toronto, will be joined by:

Register for RESI@MaRS now to meet these investors in person.


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