MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

30 Jun

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

Last week at RESI on MaRS, the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge showcased 30 companies from the digital health, biotech, medical device and diagnostics sectors.  These companies were screened and selected from over a hundred applicants; all were very strong competitors, but only one winner could emerge from the all-day exhibition-style contest.  Here are the top 4 entrants, with a tie for third place!

First Place: Perimeter Medical Imaging (Toronto, Canada)

Complimentary tickets to 3 RESI Conference Series events (2 tickets per event) and a GoPro Camera sponsored by MedMarc


Perimeter Medical Imaging develops, patents, and commercializes advanced surgical imaging tools that allow surgeons, radiologists and pathologists to better assess microscopic tissue structures during surgical procedures. Perimeter’s Optical Tissue Imaging System (OTIS™) is the only solution that provides clinicians with an ultra-high resolution image of the entire surface of an excised tissue specimen, providing accurate information in real time, and enabling better surgical decisions and outcomes.


Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation Paul Weber, President and CEO, Perimeter Medical Imaging Lynn Carney, Manager, Marketing Dept, Medmarc Insurance Group

Second Place: BresoTec Inc. (Toronto, Canada)

Complimentary tickets to 2 RESI Conference Series events (2 tickets per event)


BresoTec Inc., a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario, develops, manufactures and sells products for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. BresoTec was founded by UHN (University Health Network) and MaRS Innovation.

BresoTec’s first product, BresoDx®, is an innovative device using proprietary acoustic and movement recording technology as an aid in the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

BresoDx® is a cordless, battery operated device that patients can use at home, in their own bed. The accuracy of BresoDx® versus the PSG standard has been tested and validated in several clinical trials led by Drs. Hisham Alshaer and Douglas Bradley of the University Health Network. Such accuracy in a simple, cordless device establishes BresoDx® as an accurate, easy-to-use and cost-effective home sleep test for physicians, patients and health care providers as an aid in the diagnosis of sleep apnea.


Julie Brogren, COO & VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Bresotec Inc. Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation Caren Cao, International Business Liaison, Bresotec Inc.


Third Place (Tie): QoC Health (Toronto, Canada)

Complimentary tickets to 1 RESI Conference Series event (2 tickets)


QoC Health is a Certified B Corp enabling patient centered care with mobile solutions, new service delivery models, and cloud computing. QoC Health’s Cloud Connect platform is a healthcare API (or digital spine) on which health tools are added, including post-surgery discharge monitoring, wound care, transitions in care, and decision aids.

QoC Health’s tools are co-designed with patients and clinicians to maximize user experiences. With best-in-class security and privacy, the company’s solutions can interact on a two-way basis with electronic medical records and personal health records to maximize information sharing. The solutions improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for healthcare providers.


Raymond Shih, President & Co-Founder, QoC Health Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation


Third Place (Tie): Woven Orthopedic Technologies (Manchester, CT)

Complimentary tickets to 1 RESI Conference Series event (2 tickets)


Woven Orthopedic Technologies is a medical device business that designs and develops orthopedic technologies to treat the rapidly aging global population affected by orthopedic conditions. Their premier technology addresses the #1 problem with the #1 technology used in orthopedics today by enhancing screw fixation in patients who receive treatment for fractures.

Today, the company operates at the core of the intersection between science, technology, and medicine by leveraging advances in smart engineered bio-textiles to design technologies that help provide better care for less cost, to more people around the world.


Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation Ilana Odess, CEO, Woven Orthopedic Technologies

Thank you to all who competed in the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge, and to all the RESI attendees who took part by investing their votes in their favorite competing companies.  If you’d like to be part of the RESI Boston Innovation Challenge, apply now.


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