Hot Investor Mandate 1: $100 Million Fund Makes Early Stage Deals in Therapeutics, Devices and Diagnostics

29 Sep

An investment firm based in Taiwan is interested in the life sciences and will target new investments from a new USD 100 million fund. The firm can sometimes leverage different funds to invest. The fund’s target investment size is USD 3-5 million per company and USD 1-1.5 million for early stage companies. Capital allocation per company will not exceed 10% of the fund. The firm seeks companies in Asia-Pacific, including the US and Japan. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In the life sciences, the firm is interested in therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics. For therapeutics, the firm will consider a broad range of modalities including small molecules and biologics with an emphasis on stem cell, immunotherapy, and CNS therapies. The firm is opportunistic in terms of indications. For companies in Asia, the firm is agnostic to the phase of development. For overseas deals, the firm is currently looking for preclinical to phase 2 assets. The firm prefers candidates with in-human data and are conducting clinical trials in the US, while this is not a requirement.

For devices, the firm considers minimally invasive class III devices in the cardiovascular and cancer space that have prototype and have obtained proof-of concept. For diagnostics, the firm is interested in genomics and big data analytics. Recently there is an interest in the cosmetics and supplements area, and the firm is seeking acquisition opportunities to commercialize products through distribution channels within its network.

The firm only invests in private companies and aims to be a minority investor.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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