AgBio Spotlight

13 Oct

By Caitlin Kramer, Research Analyst, LSN


Agriculture is the base of modern society, and makes up nearly a third of the global carbon footprint. Many current sociopolitical conversations revolve around GMOs, use of pesticides and antibiotics, and the future of sustainable food in the face of an ever-growing population. Biotechnology has increasingly sought to step up to these challenges of sustainability, though not always as successfully as anticipated (biofuels) or without controversy (GMOs), and in the back seat compared to biotech’s role in therapeutics. Yet, innovation in this space still sees strong interest from investors – 152 investors mention an interest in agbio in their mandates on the LSN Investor Platform. A majority of the investors LSN tracks that are interested in Agbio are open to investing as early as the seed stage.


Figure 1. Data taken from LSN Investor Database on 13 Oct 16.

The LSN Company Platform contains 951 agbio companies, broken down by country below. China and India, the world’s two most populous nations, comprise 30% of the agbio companies tracked in the platform. Italy, the world’s largest producer of wines and a lead producer of olive oil and various fruits, comes in third.


Figure 2. Data taken from LSN Company Database on 13 Oct 16.

LSN tracks a wide variety of investor interests and company sectors globally. Agriculture biotechnology is an important area of investment and innovation for countries around the world that has not escaped our notice.  We’ve found a wealth of early stage financing available for agbio companies, with interest from every investor category.

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