RESI Panel Announced: Asia Pacific Investors

13 Oct

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


Numerous Asian-based venture firms have created investment offices in the states to uncover U.S. technology that fills an unmet need back home. These investors are looking to acquire an early stake and shepherd innovative products through the unfamiliar regulatory agencies/process, business environment and healthcare system at large.

LSN has recently recognized this trend with a dedicated track to explore these investor’s specific appetite and first-hand insight into cross-border deals, and we’re excited to bring these panels to the West Coast where there is a large amount of such activity.

Asia Pacific Investors panelists will include the following:

By registering for RESI San Francisco on January 10 (Tuesday of JPM week), you’ll be able to listen to these investors discuss the technologies they’re seeking in the US and how they can drive value by leveraging overseas networks and infrastructure.  The RESI Asia-North America Track will provide numerous opportunities to expand your network in the life sciences and learn more about the fundraising process in general.



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