Hot Investor Mandate 1: Multi Family Office Makes Crossborder Investments in Digital Health

18 May

A multi family office based in Singapore and California invests in early-stage technology companies from pre-Series A to Series B, but has occasionally participated in later financing rounds. The firm’s typical allocation size ranges from $500K to $5M, but the firm has invested as little as $100K and as much as $15M. The firm is looking to make 3-5 investments per year with a preference for US-based companies especially in New York or Silicon Valley. However, the firm has made some investments in Asia and will look globally for innovative technologies.

For companies earlier than a Series B, the firm’s work as a VC is identical to that of any other leading VC, and the getting global element has more to do with helping founders get knowledgeable about global opportunities. At the Series B stage, market entry strategies become more relevant and the firm can help with both its partners’ experience and its networks with governments, enterprises and consumers.

The firm is most interested in tech-enabled startups and will consider digital health/healthcare IT start-ups within the life sciences sector. The firm looks for companies with an established product and some market traction. Within tech-enabled start-ups, the firm has primarily focused on companies with enterprise SaaS, consumer subscription, and marketplace business models.

The primary focus for the firm is finding management teams with which it has strong chemistry, as the firm expects to maintain a close relationship in an active role with its portfolio companies. In earlier stage investments, the focus on the strength of the management team is further magnified (as opposed to market or traction), as the product itself can be expected to change significantly at this stage. Additional founder traits that the firm focuses on include a history of achievement in some area, humility, grit, a growth mindset, and complementary skills (for example, as a hacker or a designer). The firm’s strong preference is to lead or co-lead deals, taking on a board role and working closely with founders.

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