RESI San Diego: Venture Philanthropy Panel Announcement

18 May

By Christine A. Wu, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


Investors in venture philanthropy, such as foundations and specific family offices, have deep expertise that is often overlooked. Many venture philanthropic groups have a specific mission in a disease area that provides them enormous capacity to bring forward more than any entrepreneur can realize. Along with funding, venture philanthropic investors can provide patient access for underserved populations, specialize in assessing and tracking “positively impactful” technology in their particular field, and utilize their own relationships with traditional ventures in creative ways, among other initiatives.

LSN is pleased to announce a panel of five expert venture philanthropic investors for the RESI San Diego Conference on June 19th. The audience will have an exclusive opportunity to hear from:

Venture philanthropy investors maintain the genuine purpose of moving forward in the field of life science. Non-traditional investors such as these groups are great funding sources with incredible knowledge in their fields, while also taking inspirational strides to achieve their goals. Be sure not to lose track of the mission in life science, and not miss the opportunity of hearing how these panelists can help you with your philanthropic mission.

Register by Friday to save $200, be the first to request investor meetings on partnering, and hear from this fantastic panel!

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