Hot Investor Mandate 4: Specialty Pharma Looks for Late Stage In-Licensing and Investment Opportunities

25 May

A specialty pharmaceuticals company based in Europe is seeking to in-license regional rights to assets, with a focus on European rights. The firm is open to a variety of deal structures, including traditional deals involving milestone payments and royalties and also more innovative structures such as profit-sharing. In addition to in-licensing, the firm also invests in life science companies via a venture arm. The firm is open to partnering with companies worldwide.

The firm is seeking marketed or late-stage assets across therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices; in the case of medical devices, clinical-stage products that are ready to file for a CE mark are of interest. In the case of therapeutics, products should be ready to go into Phase III. The firm’s focus areas are gastrointestinal disorders, hepatology, and supportive care/palliative care for patients with cancer. For diagnostics, the firm is interested in stand-alone diagnostics and also diagnostics that pertain to their existing therapeutic product areas. In the medical device field, the firm is focused on its core sectors, and is also open to considering weight loss devices.

The firm has no set requirements for partner companies, but the firm is only interested in in-licensing deals that involve rights to Europe as a whole (including the EU, Iceland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe). The firm is also interested in acquiring regional rights for other regions, but is more flexible in this regard.

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